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Is Supernova Elite worth going for?

In this episode of project get me stackin’ Evan has a student who is looking to plan out his first year of professional poker. Focus on Quality or Quantity, whats the right choice? ————–…
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  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    What Challenges have you faced when grinding out high volume?

  • kingalex052 4 years ago

    Evan would probably be a top 5 low-mid stakes coach, is kind of a shame he
    wastes his time for here, i like it tough

  • Keegan Budz 4 years ago

    Evan I do agree with everything you are saying, you’re knowledge and wisdom
    offer what seems to be the best advice regarding the situation. However in
    my head I still don’t see the problem with chasing SNE under realistic,
    ideal circumstances. Let’s say I want to become a pro or semi pro, I have
    put in the time, decent volume and effort to do so but the money made at
    say 25nl-100nl just isn’t cutting it to live the lifestyle and freedom you
    want from poker. Is taking the 8months-1year out of you’re life to make SNE
    strictly for money purposes really that bad? I mean SNE if achieved, after
    its all said and done, would one look back and say that 100+k I made that
    year was not worth it. Wouldn’t SNE money allow you the freedom to quit
    you’re job, focus more on you’re game and have a massive bankroll to move
    up the stakes as you please with no pressure. I know this is from a more
    money oriented perspective, I could have wrote more in detail regarding all
    the other factors you have to put into place (vacation, hr/day,
    bankroll, exercise and frankly everything you mentioned in the video). Here
    is a saying I like “I work hard now so I don’t have to later”-random dude.
    Sorry for the rant, I think me and Carlos have the same perspective haha

  • Blake Moore 4 years ago

    Yo Evan the audio is a little out of sync again, otherwise great vid. Your
    cheeks are lookn extra rosey on 1080 dude. Are you wearing make up or just
    rockn a serious drinkn problem lol.

  • lester obrien 4 years ago

    Great advice, about two years ago the chasing money took its toll on me
    effected every part of me and I ended up losing more than I could afford,
    been two years ago and I miss the game and if I ever play again ill be
    taking in all this advice and playing around my life not instead of my life

  • xtreemeer 4 years ago

    Pro T-Shirt , brah

  • eyecolortwo 4 years ago

    Evan, you just gave me an epiphany. 

  • Protonym 4 years ago

    really good points made in this vid evan

  • VERSACE 4 years ago

    You should adjust the volume. It’s too low

  • ade sherwood 4 years ago

    gripsed is the fucking man , i pay more attention to this guy than i do my
    parents !!

  • lil mikeboi 4 years ago

    I would say its better to look to move up the stakes and once you reach
    like 800nl and 1000nl then look to make supernova elite where you can play
    less hands a day

  • Karl Fréchette 4 years ago

    Can Carlos ( name mentionned in the video) can you please contact me

  • TheDantheman12121 4 years ago

    just wanted to say thank you again for all the training videos, i have just
    final tabled the hot 4.40 on stars and only finished 5th but still my
    biggest pay from poker.

  • billy willy 4 years ago

    Holy shit!!! not sure how others think, but this is the best video you have
    done yet!!! :D

  • PinPointPictures 4 years ago

    Do u hit the gym now bro? looks like u made some gains

  • Biketesters 4 years ago

    Evan, very good video. The likes and dislikes speak for them selfs. Lars

  • Keansburg Mark 4 years ago

    Ho first
    Ark here how are you donig

  • DickJohnson3434 4 years ago

    This was a really excellent video.

  • billy willy 4 years ago

    “As soon as poker becomes something you have to do, rather than something
    you get to do” golden words right there!!! This is what happened to me
    (part-time poker player with FT job and family). I lost all interested at
    the moment to poker. I don’t care for the money that I made playing poker
    PT, it just kills me thinking that I HAVE to play poker to have my family
    enjoy things like buying unnecessary crap and holidays….Right now on a
    very long break from the game, and I feel sick every time I even think
    about playing a single hand again, never mind a thought of a session.

  • Brian Robbins 4 years ago

    Brilliant video, thank you.

  • fabio pereira 4 years ago

    hy evan im triyng to go up the stakes playing microstakes multi tabling,
    but the problem is time. i only have time after i leave work, i work from
    15pm to 23.30 pm so only after that time is when i get to play like an hour
    or an hour and 30 min.
    i dont play more because i want to wake up in the morning to get some
    exercise and enjiy a litle bit of my free time before i go to work again,
    throw the week im fine grinding but when it comes to the weekends is when
    my problem begins because ate weekends i try shots at tournaments ans
    endend up loosing more then i loose when im grinding cash im
    kinda frustrating because i feel like im lost to what my plane should be so
    a litle help would be nice oh forgot to mention my ultimate goal is to be a
    cash game player, thanks a lot 4 your videos GL on the tables

  • Devi Prasad 4 years ago

    it s not possible fr a Family Person.. only fr addicted ones..better to
    work normal Job and then in the sametime try some sattie into big live
    Events for big scores or Holiday mode.. in that way you will enjoy poker
    much more and it ll be sucess

  • Federico Del Bono 4 years ago

    Really nice video, i’m going to supernova elite for 2015, I have been one
    in 2012, but couldn’t play that much in 2013. Cause i dind’t like too much
    to take money from others.

    Now I have decided to give every month some to charity, so I can feel good
    about my self.

    Really don’t like the world of poker that much tough, cause with all the
    things there are in the world to do, people waiste so much time playing
    poker. I have to say, that society force to do so. Since i made around 180k
    in 2012, didn’t really had the chance to find a job that pays nearly as

    Really frustrating, I would like to be a writer, or some kind of politician
    or a philanthropist.

    I’ll see.

  • 42JDD 4 years ago

    Awesome t-shirt haha

  • Chris Keer 4 years ago

    Awesome shirt :)