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Jason Mercier Makes Insane Call During Poker Tournament Poker pro Jason Mercier calls an allin move with a bottom pair while playing EPT tournament. They play four handed at the …

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  • Mike Cabrera 5 years ago

    Sick brag brah

  • rick0n 5 years ago

    Haha, what it do !! great call here, i think he could read it because of
    how the frechnman drink the already ampty bottle

  • Toxicpot76 5 years ago

    What you don’t see I the guy bluffing played a few hands like this before
    it. And if I remember correctly he showed them or one of them. So it’s
    terrific call. Took in the info and exploited his ass.

  • Justin V 5 years ago


  • adulion 5 years ago

    checking in the dark was stupid

  • fapsterfapfap 5 years ago

    fags kissing lol typical french

  • christoffer501 5 years ago

    It’s a brilliant, brilliant call, brilliant call, great call, brilliant

  • Daniel Kim 5 years ago

    What it do

  • LogicalThinker7991 5 years ago

    Okay, hundreds and hundreds of hands online is way to low, but millions is
    stretching it way to far.

  • sheeplols 5 years ago

    What it do!!!!!!!!

  • tw19771 5 years ago

    Against a good player yes, against the crosseyed drooling donkey that
    clearly thinks he is better then he is and with Jason having position on
    him the call should have been snap called, insta shoving then standing a
    live tell of zippo from a player with more swagger than game. Jason
    shouldn’t even have sweated it

  • HanPro 5 years ago

    8 on the river and the guy in green looks nervous, watching drink water.
    dude dont have 8s, no straight, I got a pair of 5s, I cannot go low stack.
    Fkit! Call…. Yeah!!!

  • jwmiiin 5 years ago

    was it a great call?

  • caessarion 5 years ago


  • WoozleWazzlee 5 years ago

    that was the worst bluff I’ve ever seen 😀 He looks so fucking worried that
    even I could have made this call

  • sam2489 5 years ago

    WOW hundreds and hundreds of hands online?? loool Try millions and millions

  • xristos tsias 5 years ago

    he humiliate the donk

  • endlessmountain 5 years ago

    The only read I could get was his very fast all-in on the river which is
    more often a bluff and especially when the board pairs on the river as full
    houses and even an eight would usually think much longer before making the
    play. Usually standing up like that is more strong than weak however from
    what I have noticed.

  • helena dealis 5 years ago

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  • gifteddiva 5 years ago

    Mercier is so ice cool

  • Misc GTFIH 5 years ago

    Koskas raised and shoved way too fast on the turn and river

  • James Kim 5 years ago

    if you drink air, you have air

  • playingfor4 5 years ago


  • Zack Kenyon 5 years ago

    these videos are much better on mute.

  • Mike Dempsy 5 years ago

    It’s an insane call when u have a pair on a paired board??? It’s a great
    call but nothing insane or amazing