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  • Poprawny Polak 5 years ago

    In my opinion, Merson really resembles Mac Miller.

  • Ian Moone 5 years ago

    Merson v. Hellmuth I’m imagining all the lols.

  • Seidel Seidel 5 years ago

    Merson is the coolest/calmest player ever.

  • Mani Ribery 5 years ago

    greg is a nice player man

  • onlyweatherlol93 5 years ago

    He was favourite on the flop against a combo draw, standard outcome

  • Michael Bacci 5 years ago

    jesse sylvia = luck box

  • Briek Van Wauwe 5 years ago

    “Was that a check?” Stupid Australian tool, you have 24 stfu

  • bacardipardy 5 years ago

    Balkin, fuck off lol.

  • deutscher türke 5 years ago

    unbelieveabel lucky…

  • Иосиф Сталин 5 years ago


  • James K 5 years ago

    that 3 on the river was worth 5 million dollars

  • postflopper 5 years ago

    who else will bang jesse’s gf?

  • Chrischi7777 5 years ago

    He wasn’t a favorite, it was a flip.

  • robinsane1 5 years ago

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