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Johnny Weir exhibition skate in 2010.


Poker Fails


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  • Grace Fangirl 4 years ago

    If he dresses as Loki at some point I’m done

  • 2012BeyondtheWorld 4 years ago

    Mmm he turns me on so much, he is gay, mmm I don’t care, mmm Idk but I
    think it was love at first time with me and him, something about his cute
    face! hheehehahaha mmm <3 oooh! babey! he hot

  • OhCmonItsFunny 4 years ago

    I abhor his taste in music, but his fashion sense really makes up for it–
    well, that and that he has an ass like a juicy apple, I just want to take a
    bite of it.

  • Crafty Skater 4 years ago


  • cubomania3 4 years ago

    Damn ! Way to go. A very charismatic,interesting,intelligent, talented
    man. I like his flamboyance and I miss him in the competitions. Johnny has
    made a great commentator, enjoyed listening to him today. Handsome too. I
    have a crush on him. Glad he didn’t slide into the illuminati B.S. that
    Gaga in involved with. I think he had the one-eye decor on his face
    without fully realizing what it meant. Bless his heart.

  • puppylover1928 4 years ago

    Woah 00:25 through 00:31 ha

  • TheBaronessIsAwesome 4 years ago

    That awkward moment when the gay figure skater’s ass looks a million times
    better than yours.

  • Dokhtare Kaboli 4 years ago

    Skating Loki and his butt

  • Guy Clark 4 years ago

    for now it is still a free country. it gives me the constitutional right of
    freedom of speech. the (normal) population of men and women do not want the
    homosexual life style exposed to our children. you queen’s are trying to
    encourage our youth that it’s ok for men to suck cock and mine for
    chocolate, and you women to have nothing but a fish diet! disgusting
    little monkey’s you are!

  • Renegade Queen 4 years ago

    There’s an angel on the fucking ice.

  • Kuro Hachi 4 years ago

    HOLY WOW That was amazing

  • Hannah Fritzinfger 4 years ago

    umm Loki, your frost giant is showing

  • Wilson Quatrochi Junior 4 years ago

    Perfeito! Expressou o que quis e como quis. Parabéns!

  • unichua 4 years ago

    god he is so fucking sexy

  • Kurone Shizuhi 4 years ago

    This guy is DA BOMB!

  • Melinda McGhee 4 years ago
  • Anon Ymous 4 years ago

    I love how many people here saw the loki fanart. 😀 Anyway, this guy is
    absolutely amazing. His movements are a thousand times more graceful than
    Gaga’s could ever be.

  • Em Phillips 4 years ago

    Like I said on “I’m sexy and I know it” That awkward moment when you
    realise a gay figure skater’s ass looks infinity times better than yours…
    -.- and what the hell he makes triples look so easy… and his death drop
    and camel spin!!! wtf he’s so perfect it kills…

  • rain bow 4 years ago

    wow sexier than a women

  • TheMunfurd 4 years ago

    Holy Loki I think I’m in love ♥_♥

  • VINEGARGH 4 years ago

    So pretty… and them dance moves ;w;

  • Frederica Bimble 4 years ago

    What a talent and gorgeous too. He is very smooth and relaxed when he
    skates and it makes him look so graceful.

  • MsDivaQueen15551 4 years ago

    That was amazing

  • Sakae Okada 4 years ago

    This is Johnny ♡ Gorgeous and Cool ! I love him as a skater and a person!
    Too bad he is a gay ….. 

  • Alice Lalaa 4 years ago

    his ass is scrumptious.