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Huge bluff.

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  • ErkkiEno 5 years ago

    Because Gabe either has a very strong hand or nothing. It must be pretty
    much 50-50 in Dwan’s head.

  • ErkkiEno 5 years ago

    That’s what I love about both durrrr and Gabe; they’re fearless!

  • John Cole 5 years ago

    Let’s see Norm MacDonald pull that shit off.

  • papa roach 5 years ago

    a bluff against DURRR……………kaplan was pissing inside his pants and
    praying to god so that durr doesnot call that hand

  • papa roach 5 years ago


  • Daniel Barton 5 years ago

    How dwan can even think about the call… :)

  • yu sun 5 years ago

    This is the commentator for High Stakes Poker for many seasons:)

  • Stein871 5 years ago

    good one 😀

  • marcellothefellow 5 years ago


  • Basetrem 5 years ago

    tom dwan aka ghost boy

  • smack jack 5 years ago

    doesnt dwan have to call the 50 k at the end if he was calling the flop
    raise thinking he was ahead when the a and 2 come on turn and river?Would
    of been a sick ass call dont know why he folds if he calls the flop

  • JiveDadson 5 years ago

    Kaplan is my hero. Best poker commentator ever. This was not the only time
    he sat down at a teevee table and outplayed the Big Names.

  • Hieu Tran 5 years ago

    lol can I play you heads up, please?

  • Sinkor22 5 years ago

    Well, the thing is I’m certain that all of the pros at this table know all
    of this. However, they think on higher levels than most amateurs.

  • ulosen 5 years ago

    how does he beat a 7 on the river with a pair of aces on the board?

  • 5 years ago

    Ever heard of Joe Stapleton? kthxbi

  • fulltimespy 5 years ago

    i love how viffer looks at kaplan totally impressed with him 😀

  • Liciouzish 5 years ago

    Think he calls the flop to bluff at a later stage, but Gabe makes a good
    check on the turn when the second ace comes out.

  • TheSletourneau 5 years ago

    Trying to represent an ace. Fantastic play by Gabe. The two-pair on the
    river was useless cause Dwan either had him before the river or just didn’t
    have the best hand. Give credit to where credit is deserved.

  • FungWake 5 years ago

    How was that a nice hand? :)

  • Lukas Skliuderis 5 years ago

    viffer looks like he has something inside his asshole

  • wandyrod1 5 years ago

    speaks to the expectations/gifts of durrrr that he got “bitch slapped”
    because he folded a pair of 3s no kicker to a $50,000 river bet. would be
    more impressed if he folded something more.

  • vinniedisco7 5 years ago

    Smooth Gabe. Very smooth.

  • 1skullduggery 5 years ago

    well that guys from a different universe. he can do what he wants….

  • checkrazor76 5 years ago

    please idiot sayin its at least 50% luck get every dime out of ur life
    savings and any other money you can get ahold of and play