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KFE  SNG Strategy NL Holdem Online Poker Tutorial 4/5

Watch part 4- Stealing Blinds Big Stacking,Bubble Play, See KFE’ hole cards as he plays and discusses online poker strategy during the middle/late rounds of …

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  • 5251796123456789 4 years ago

    i need to play poker without real money can i find any?!!!but not facebook
    coz it suckss

  • James Smock 4 years ago

    people put too much value on KJ.. early position its usually not good.. i
    try to stay away

  • GeneYuss3 4 years ago

    Go Mikey. And try not to touch the mike when you’re recording.

  • biteme10101 4 years ago

    yeh your videos are ok. just abc imo, anyways why show the world how to
    play better poker, it tilts me. asdfghunytrfedw

  • KingOfDiamonds717 4 years ago

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  • jeffw1267 4 years ago

    It’s good to play tight. Let other people bust out. There is no better way
    to play.

  • Tubeuqify 4 years ago

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  • shaper252 4 years ago

    Good strategy

  • rasel0021 4 years ago

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  • Peter Bøgh Larsen 4 years ago

    Why fold a King/Knight? Why didn’t you just call? King/Queen and these ands
    are good right? I would call..

  • ravenjetbyrne 4 years ago

    i like these videos,,its abc sure but alot of poker is about being patient
    and making the correct desicion,,which is in most cases to fold,,obviously
    in tournys you enter the steal zone after awhile,but i you still really
    need to pick ur spot carefully

  • semaky1000 4 years ago

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  • Burning-Z 4 years ago

    @72oscom also, I assume if had been suited you would have called the
    initial limper? People underestimate the additional help of 2 suited
    overcards vs unsuited…

  • 5251796123456789 4 years ago

    lolllll you so fackin funy man llooool

  • 72oscom 4 years ago

    I could have called with KJ vs the UTG limper trying to see a cheap flop,
    however with several players left to act I did not want someone to come
    over the top of me, as well being unsure of the initial callers hand. It
    turned out that the small blind had pocket KKs and UTG limper 99. If you
    notice, I have KJ the next hand and put the small blind all in. You can
    play hands like KJ,KQ but you will want to have position and a good read on
    opponents hands.

  • studentoflife01 4 years ago


  • nick14874 4 years ago

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