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  • ► SquidPlayz 4 years ago

    Hey dude, I got something to tell you.
    I loved every moment of these videos, I wish there was more to watch! I am
    also looking to start a LoL YouTube channel and I was wondering if you
    wanted to duo or if I could record with you? My name is TheSquidBot on EUW
    and I’m currently Silver 2. Maybe we could help eachother get a bigger
    If not, no worries, keep up the fantastic work and you got a new subscriber!

  • Melyssa Griffiths 4 years ago

    I think the calls I’ve been in with you are more entertaining (blue) Noob

  • justcastWAUDBY 4 years ago

    This was soo worth the wait…:/

  • justcastFLIMAJAM 4 years ago

    So, Our new podcast was supposed to be up today but, due to internet
    troubles, it will be up on Wednesday. Meaning two videos next week!!