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Learn Butterfly Poker Chip Trick How to Tutorial

How to do the “butterfly” poker chip trick.
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  • Baron821 4 years ago

    Cause you can use these as ”fancy moves” while you perform magic tricks.

  • Henrik Felter 4 years ago

    Practice practice practice! At the beginning i couldn’t either

  • Jrpgamer 4 years ago

    That’s totally legit dude, keep it up

  • elvmeage 4 years ago

    ure holding 200k in ure hand XD

  • 213stls 4 years ago

    whats the name of the song?

  • andrexh 4 years ago

    wackwallstreet: well, it can also be very relaxing when you’re at the
    table, and it makes you more comfortable with chips… chip tricks also
    gets you some extra respect at the table

  • pikalex84 4 years ago

    Thanks a lot, I will train to succeed.

  • MisteroCZ 4 years ago


  • udlock9 4 years ago

    fail video cuz u use ur left hand dumb ass, most ppl use right hand.

  • ringo864 4 years ago

    Im gonna learn this :)))

  • 777static777 4 years ago

    @xLlQUlDx take it up with whoever named the trick, mate.

  • Jake van den Boom 4 years ago

    soz but bad tut show it SLOWW

  • YourFriendFuutje 4 years ago

    Like if you agree with me about being happy with seeing the trick being
    filmed from the person’s view!

  • bonzibon08 4 years ago


  • xxhattrickxx68 4 years ago

    nice can oyu put some mor and teach me how to do the chip twirl

  • brett harry 4 years ago

    @udlock9 thats not a fail that is just a silly flaw of you right-handed ppl
    xD your the dumbass byeee hater !!

  • nandooemo 4 years ago

    the 4 coin roll down is another trick :)

  • reynay69 4 years ago

    Very nicely done, you artist! Thanks for sharing!

  • schnauzer2045 4 years ago


  • 777static777 4 years ago

    @Bollalillo not a problem

  • KEWB99 4 years ago

    I think I see what you’re saying and I sorta feel the same way. People make
    a big deal about chip tricks and, while it’s true that they’re cool, they
    get way more credit than they deserve. It’s cool to learn a couple of
    tricks because they’re cool, not to mention the subtle advantages of
    makeing people respect you a little more, allowing you to count your chips
    without it really being noticed, etc. But you’re right. In the end, it all
    comes down to how you play.

  • brett harry 4 years ago

    @Bollalillo bet your fucking slutty bootz your spot on !!

  • xcsab 4 years ago

    no chance

  • MFalcon93 4 years ago

    I cant even hold them between my fingers like that

  • Jibberish519 4 years ago

    ha neat trick man!