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Updated video: This short video will hopefully explain the basics of Texas hold ’em poker… through playing the poker minigame o…
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Poker Basics


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  • joe clark 4 years ago

    here’s a tip. never play from the inside to get a straight. if you have a
    4,5,6,7, you can try your luck. that increases your chances because you’re
    playing to either get a 3 or an 8. but if you have, 4,6,7,8, its highly
    improbable to get the 5 you need. your chances are 4 out of 52, rather than
    8 out of 52, (4 because there are 4 of the same number in a deck with
    different suites, and 8 because you have 2 numbers you can hope for, rather
    than 1 number). when you got the 4 and 5, different suites, the chances
    were immediately against you.

    And usually, when a person bets big at the beginning of a game before
    seeing the other cards, they’re not bluffing unless they have plenty of
    cash left over, and can afford to play loose.

  • Daniel Sanchez 4 years ago

    Thanks for helping me understand poker u earned a subscriber

  • Steven Parker 4 years ago

    Thank you this helped me understand a little bit of poker

  • 叛變 Renegade 4 years ago

    Thanks for teaching me poker