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Learn Poker with Daniel Negreanu – Bluffing. Great short learning experience about bluffing presented by Daniel Negreanu himself. More Poker videos at: iPoke…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • fliptthescript 5 years ago


  • scooterman24 5 years ago

    think about it

  • vademax44 5 years ago

    c’mon man!! you can’t bluff everybody!!! lolll….love you Dan!!!

  • DanieINegreanu2121 5 years ago

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  • btromboner 5 years ago

    Ya…I was like wtf…Thats not Daniel at all.

  • Elias Bowler 5 years ago

    I think hes cheesy in this

  • Dan TheMan 5 years ago

    He is the man, he is so right I tried this, and suddenly am a bluffer at
    the table and make money.

  • Chris Leeman 5 years ago

    Daniel is not acting like himself.

  • Malcolm Jovi 5 years ago

    Think about it!

  • auggiedoggy 5 years ago

    @kid2591 : Canadian (born in Toronto) baby! ;o) His parents came from

  • kid2591 5 years ago

    romanian baby !

  • vademax44 5 years ago

    Daniel does what he wants…

  • vernadog12 5 years ago

    sounds like hes got a huge lisp lol bad audio :S

  • krmusicbird3 5 years ago

    hahahaha this video cracks me up…. the way he talks in it is HILARIOUS.
    don’t get me wrong, he’s absolutely right with everything he says about
    bluffing in this video, it’s just hilarious with his pseudo-lisp and the
    way he looks at you. =D

  • purplejugnut 5 years ago

    this reminds me of the acting on an old degrassi episode.

  • Pentdad 5 years ago

    He looks and sounds just like Ed Norton in Rounders

  • AsiaPokerAcademy88 5 years ago

    Does he also teach online poker bluffing at his poker school?

  • Buster Gendo 5 years ago

    Daniel pities the fool.

  • tomi1990 5 years ago

    Is it me or does he sound like an angry version of Sid the Sloth??

  • 22melisafriesens22 5 years ago


  • Sternumator 5 years ago

    daniel looks like a savge in this video.

  • BigNuno 5 years ago

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