Share Button Daniel Negreanu gives us a bit of strategy on holdem. Very good lesson for seasoned poker players.

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  • Juan Carlos 5 years ago

    such a retard on 1:52

  • Dhanushka Ariyadasa 5 years ago

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  • Dávid Jakab 5 years ago

    I don’t believe these few pixels are Daniel. There look differently.

  • Vladimir de Vries 5 years ago

    And the oscar goes to….

  • Steve Veasey 5 years ago

    Don’t you just have to fold these hands anytime somebody plays back at you

  • Rick Todman 5 years ago
  • Texas Hold'em Poker 5 years ago


  • Charles Testrake 5 years ago

    What ever happened to Cole?

  • wheatimus 5 years ago

    Was this filmed on a cell phone? 240p really? I can’t even see your face
    much less the card values. Get a better camera, then make a vid and I will
    thumbs up

  • Mick Gonzalez 5 years ago

    how did he calculate that he was only a 2:1 underdog with his A10?

  • TheTelmo86 5 years ago

    @ESSmall91 ahhaahhahaahhahaahah omg can´t stop laughing,ahahahahahahahaahh

  • TheBoredkent 5 years ago

    this was uploaded on my bday

  • s33thr3w 5 years ago

    This Cole guy is a bad actor. and I don’t get the 240p jokes.

  • popeyesbitches 5 years ago

    @TheLukeMoloney who gives a fuck?

  • flar28 5 years ago

    or the guys is realllllly small

  • NitroBubblegum 5 years ago

    and the emmy goes to….

  • Connor Allen 5 years ago

    Hold down 2 for Daniel spaz-out!

  • AngryDuck9 5 years ago

    7:08-7:10 “Bob comes down kal jack four four diflucan sexual”. This is
    primo programming!

  • JoeMcK10000000000000 5 years ago

    Such terrible acting

  • Nikola Ancić 5 years ago

    the subs are funny as shit…

  • TheAnalv 5 years ago

    @westryan1 calling negranu an idiot? hahaha

  • TubeCrusader 5 years ago

    pussy lips

  • Khabhaal 5 years ago

    @kombajndosalatek Inception !

  • Daniel is the 4th HIGHEST earner in poker … he has made over $16 million
    … You kids are idiots.

  • kluxxxarn 5 years ago

    Is Cole a giant or is negreanu rly smallballing?