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Good play by the Godfather of poker You can follow me on twitter.

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  • Birgit Fobes 5 years ago

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  • Ellan Harrod 5 years ago

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  • Lytrigian 5 years ago

    Hearing Doyle say it, “Gus” totally has to be a cowboy.

  • DanteTrickster 5 years ago


  • matttnathan 5 years ago

    well im sure all players don’t play every single hand right. and durrrr
    must play most of his hands right, because look where its got him. I don’t
    know how much you know about durrr, but he’s definitely had some stunning
    performances, plus he won the biggest televised pot

  • JHaden23 5 years ago

    He either had the nuts or nothing, and considering how the hand played out,
    Dwan’s call isn’t the worse. It is hard to put Doyle on a hand and I think
    he thought he’d be right often enough to make that call. I do agree the
    river call was bad, but if Doyle was bluffing, he’d look like a genious.
    It’s the nature of playing with great players, you either play great, look
    like a genius, or you youtube trolls who think they know everything say how
    dumb your are.

  • Sharly Sharky 5 years ago

    That hand only could have sent me to University for 2 years including
    monthly rent and books… F.. M.. L…. :'(

  • 1skullduggery 5 years ago

    you got durrrr….oyled…

  • chuck norris 5 years ago

    @RichF24 shut up u little prick I bet u know Fuck all about poker

  • Richard Forde 5 years ago

    flop 3 of a kind is good play because???

  • bradnugget 5 years ago

    Yes, but Doyle could have flopped even just a pair of 5s, and Dwan was
    still beat. I know plenty about poker. But if I’m playing someone and I’m
    pretty sure they’re bluffing, I’m still going to need more than a pair of
    3s for me to wager my stack…

  • bluffedyaboy 5 years ago


  • Jay Jayson 5 years ago

    Worst call in history! If Doyle Brunson paired any card on the board Dwan
    would be toast. I would have folded on the flop with such a wimpy pair
    against the board. Calling on the river ?! Pure insanity. Dwan must have
    got a realy bad read on Brunson . And thinking Brunson was stone-cold

  • JHaden23 5 years ago

    Compared to this table, and the average high stake pro in general, he is
    certainly a tight player by today’s standards.

  • bradnugget 5 years ago

    What an idiot. Really, Dwan? You thought your 3’s were a monster hand? I
    can’t stand this guy sometimes :(

  • SweetZombiJesus 5 years ago

    As far as I can tell, he is still alive O.o

  • 1skullduggery 5 years ago

    a barrel means to bet an additional street after betting the previous one.
    i corrected myself a few entry’s below. thanks.

  • salboaski 5 years ago

    <3 doyle

  • bradnugget 5 years ago

    Of course he does. But that doesn’t mean he plays every single hand right,
    and I’m allowed to criticize here in this public forum. Thank you for your

  • matttnathan 5 years ago

    do you know anything about poker? Brunson bet after the flop, and raised
    even more on the turn when the card was a 6! this makes dawn think Brunson
    is bluffing

  • codehpro 5 years ago

    you idiot

  • Truls bh 5 years ago

    doyle isn’t really a tight player

  • JHaden23 5 years ago

    On the flop Dwan is ahead of Doyle’s range, period. Any pair on a 995 board
    is more often than not good. When the 6 comes, nothing changes, the only
    hand doyle could have that the turn helped was pocket 6’s or 78. 78 seems
    unlikely considered he re raised preflop. a 9 also seems unlikely because
    doyle is normally tight preflop. ( I know he had it here, but he will VERY
    Rarely make this play with a hand like that. Then the J on the river
    changes nothing unless Doyle had JJ.

  • matttnathan 5 years ago

    haha okay, but im pretty sure tom dwan knows more than you..

  • derheglmeier 5 years ago

    not necessarily a “big” bet.