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Legends of Poker: Eugene Katchalov

Interesting hand.

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  • Nate Tauelangi 4 years ago

    How the fuck did that dude make it to the final table? :/

  • genewatson100 4 years ago

    He walked away with 50k for everything he’d done before that hand. We
    haven’t seen what he was doing prior to this so whether this is a weird
    misstep or whether he’s a complete idiot is hard to determine.

  • 25bananasaday 4 years ago

    katchalov did have an unusally strong hand, making this play, albeit a
    terrible one, look unusually bad.

  • 25bananasaday 4 years ago

    we all have moments of madness. lol

  • WaspSnG 4 years ago

    Pretty werid that clowns like this guy, that donkbet 4x pot on a board like
    that with middle pair, just walk away with 50K clean. Even an amateur knows
    that was stupid…