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Legends of Poker Phil Galfond

Good bluff by PG. Phil Galfond has earned over M in Internet play and 1 WSOP bracelet Suscribe for more poker videos :) https…


Poker Legends


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  • kluxxxarn 4 years ago

    He is not easy to bluff.

  • xxyanlixx 4 years ago

    if only john juanda and huck seed stayed in this hand..

  • nardinit 4 years ago

    no…he didn’t. i know ur joking but…he really didn’t.

  • Trias805 4 years ago

    Especially when he called Dwan’s all in with AK high on PAD

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    lol i think galfond plays more aggressive than his usual self to prove he’s
    not as nitty on tv

  • exitladder 4 years ago

    juanda should made the deuce KJ if he joined in.

  • Shadow766 4 years ago

    Phil Galfond = Greatest of all time.

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    this really is too small of a pot, and ivey had nothing

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    lol did i say that?

  • Wilson Wisdom 4 years ago

    are you bitter he is a multi millionaire, a super cool guy and one of the
    best poker players alive today? no need to answer champ, go back to 2
    tabling NL50

  • kluxxxarn 4 years ago

    Hope you are joking

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    phil galfond really is the tightest and easiest player to bluff

  • noholecard 4 years ago

    Hope you know he plays more aggressive live on tv for image.

  • Jagrit biswas 4 years ago

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  • EritreanG87 4 years ago

    Juanda had Trips

  • Gorgi Angelovski 4 years ago

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