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Tom Dwan takes advantage of Lederer’s tight style.


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  • Leo DiArgianto 4 years ago

    Tom Dwan has revolutionized the “bluff”

  • Tim Grace 4 years ago

    2:43 pupils dilated like he on one haha…..playin like it too haha

  • Randy1337 4 years ago

    i see, you are right.that(isolate) and taking advantage of howard`s tight
    preflop range :)

  • keem005 4 years ago

    thats the play everyone makes to isolate the fish ( Lederer )

  • Chris Gutierrez 4 years ago

    Well if Lederer would play anything other than AA/KK/AK, he probably
    wouldn’t be such a fish. But the dude is an ultra nit, his card range is
    tighter than a fucking pickle jar. It’s not hard to get him to fold, or
    play a premium hand badly. Just get aggressive with him, and if he goes all
    in, get the hell out of the pot.

  • Randy1337 4 years ago

    5bet isolate?yeah right.

  • keem005 4 years ago

    what 5bet… im referring to gabes comment at 0:40