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Great call from Tony G against Negreanu. Daniel made It look like a value bet on the river but Tony made the right decision…


Poker Legends


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  • mrlondoner91 5 years ago

    that’s the tony g !!!!!

  • perkalov 5 years ago

    That will make you the fish, wont it?

  • Delajoyason 5 years ago

    legend? LEGEND? SIKE

  • Pavle Miljkovic 5 years ago

    looooooooooooool man ty, thas made my day 😀

  • hellonpluto 5 years ago

    especially with hair like that

  • sondre2409 5 years ago

    I know Im just saying he’s not fat compared to americans

  • giannisgtpomg3lol 5 years ago

    such a great poker player.. a bit retard and fattass but great player

  • SOTHICK RICK 5 years ago

    You Idiot.

  • Tapping 5 years ago

    That sucked for Daniel… Tony G legitimately thought he was beat and
    called anyway on the river… still though, like a true poker player.

  • reka999 5 years ago

    houston looks like a cartoon character

  • giannisgtpomg3lol 5 years ago

    he is lithuanian

  • thanasis654 5 years ago

    Tony G calls make no sence. As he said otr: “take it”. Very bad play. Never
    do such a play, out of position especially.

  • no1bookgr13 5 years ago

    standar call.. its funny how amateurs think this was a hard call or sth..
    then again no wonder most people lose! 😀

  • poyabideogeim 5 years ago

    Yeah great player, go to nl2, 3 barrel a fish with a bluff and watch
    closely how he calls you with bottom pair 7 kicker.

  • thelongfella555 5 years ago

    who’s the blond?

  • Matthew Csure 5 years ago

    Is it me or does what Negreanu is wearing make him look like hes a Dominos
    Pizza Worker?

  • EeeZee 5 years ago

    Easy to say when you can see the cards. Not saying it was some kind of hero
    call, but its very possible Daniel has KQ/K 10/A 10/JJ or something
    similar. If you’re always making ace high calls at the river in simliar
    spots to this, perhaps thats why you lose.

  • Elite5ereN 5 years ago

    tony g man!!

  • Adam Paravizzini 5 years ago

    Why this has so many likes I’m not sure…

  • Marko Tropoja 5 years ago

    tony g such a great player? This asshole motherfucker has the worst
    atittude ever in poker! he has no respect and is a fucking asshole

  • Lukas Skliuderis 5 years ago

    he’s smarter than he looks you woudl know that if u had to play him

  • sondre2409 5 years ago

    he’s not a fat and retarded compared to the average american

  • Krisna Siv 5 years ago

    He put his whole heart into that

  • vurpune 5 years ago

    tony g win danile bye

  • yabbaguy 5 years ago

    Daniel, he was committed you dummy! 😛