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A Brand New Series Dedicated To The Online Zynga Poker. More Videos To Follow , Like Comment Subscribe Thankyou :)

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  • Petko Tashev 4 years ago

    hope you zynga employees choke from the chips you took from me, get bumped
    and molested in some back alley and left in trash as a crap

  • Ace Chase 4 years ago

    @yehya sirhan thanks man more content soon

  • jonesy3736 4 years ago

    and i must say thank you for this video, i still lost all of my tokens but
    it took alot longer, this video series here has really helped me.

  • jonesy3736 4 years ago

    what is your old channel?

  • omario westwright 4 years ago

    I dont like this video as much
    .aint helped me .but thanks dude

  • Mason Hart 4 years ago

    This was put up on my b day 

  • Ace Chase 4 years ago
  • Coect Solutions 4 years ago

    nice video dude 😉