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  • kingtut777 4 years ago

    The reason white’s attack was washed away was that white played only on one
    side of the board and black wisely played on both. 

  • kingscrusher 4 years ago
  • Lucky Domy 4 years ago

    Kings crusher can u please tell me what u r recording with i am gonna start
    my own channel

  • Pistol Pete 4 years ago

    Why why why why did u castle Q-side? 

  • Robert Russell 4 years ago

    I’ll echo the others lol. Castling queenside was interesting but
    nevertheless terrific defense!

  • hyperreality 4 years ago

    “I think I’ll just put my king here and hope for the best”

  • Krzysztof Król 4 years ago

    Castling qeenside was insane. Openfile, all white pieces on the same side
    of the board as your king. You may think that french defence is useless
    when played like this. You impressed me with good defence though. I loose
    often interest in such a bad position. I think you opened position on
    qeenside in a very bad moment. His pieces were just better coordinated.

  • Tomáš Kvapil 4 years ago

    Wow this was crazy to survive such an attack