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LoL Allstars Fun/Fail Compilation 2014

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  • Derikimi 4 years ago

    If you can do tons of damage then the enemy will take tons of damage but
    only if you can do tons of damage. So you got to do tons of damage first
    before your enemies do tons of damage on you. Tons of damage means tons of
    damage and that equals to victory.

  • BtownOG 4 years ago

    Whos bday was it

  • SomethingLethal 4 years ago

    New acronym! ToD = Tons of Damage.

  • pbjtpk 4 years ago

    “na is the best league in the world” – phreak 2014

  • Lipziger 4 years ago

    You should get banned for poor sportsmanship / “bad manners” … or a
    warning at least. It’s a world wide championship and they want to implement
    gaming as a “official sport”. But acting like a little child doesn’t look
    good for such a big sport.

    Is it really too much too shake hands, say “gg” or whatever? It’s just
    stupid to ignore the other players.

  • MdievalKingGamer 4 years ago

    song in the end?

  • theintunity 4 years ago

    People getting married at a freaking LoL tournament….

  • SubMaster95 4 years ago

    thats why OMG is the best team ever :D

  • ZeniixTV 4 years ago

    I would have slapped that Allen on the back of his head for his bm

  • Knight Saber 4 years ago

    Music 4:05 ?

  • joop schuhmacher 4 years ago

    That last one was so funny

  • mafiabaas0 4 years ago

    Loved it haha

  • 237kitty 4 years ago

    Krepo lost a lot of weight

  • Jake And Kate 4 years ago


  • utensel 4 years ago

    3:35 XD what the hell was that?

  • PepperollsGP 4 years ago

    4:05 Did that MATAfaka just reported me ?? Dayum SKRUBLORD

  • N0rPak - Louis.P 4 years ago

    The wedding is ridiculous ! Fake for do the buzz or stupid people? I dont
    know but all is possible in this world 

  • Masomitsu 4 years ago

    I hate this OMG disrespecting stuff vs SKT all the time..

  • TheDeathJesters 4 years ago


  • Camel Pvp 4 years ago

    1:05 Luz Ulti Incoming

  • JTHMRulez1 4 years ago

    0:25 to who?

  • Timmy Nguyen 4 years ago

    May 7th a god was born.

  • Did you see Bengi though

  • Alberto Rodríguez 4 years ago

    4:05 Disrespect

  • dodgedlol 4 years ago

    Hey guys I’m back from my 3 week vacation to the Philippines. Now I’m back
    and ready to make many more funny videos, montages, creative vids and
    compilations. Hope you like this one! Here is also the reddit link if
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