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Louisville comes out of South Bend with a 31-28 victory in the first ever meeting between the Cardinals and the Fighting Irish. Freshman quarterback Reggie Bonnafon led the Cards with 215…
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  • jdailey01230 4 years ago

    Finally showing the country who we are. LOUISVILLE PLAIN WINS. PERIOD.

  • 2014 Grow 4 years ago

    Notre dame for life fuck you!!!!!

  • Junkman2000 4 years ago

    This was payback for the basketball game! :P

  • ACC Digital Network 4 years ago
  • amanda miller 4 years ago

    Good acc show, cards! You guys are tough

  • kingadalou 4 years ago

    Hell yeah

  • KD Harp 4 years ago


  • King Cook 4 years ago

    I told as many cards fans as would listen after they lost to us that they
    were special and should win out. Other than FSU pulling one out of their
    ass against you you have done just that.

  • Asher Priddy 4 years ago

    Was there. Awesome day. ND FANS were top class


  • Rob6688846993#L1C4 4 years ago

    Parker was bein held the whole game

  • Sean Bush 4 years ago

    So proud of my CARDS tonight! Respect of the utmost to the Irish, it was a
    Hell of a game! 

  • Ahrke 4 years ago

    Go cards Norte dame played good though they earned my respect 

  • Anthony Villagomez 4 years ago

    Norte dame and Louisville played good