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  • pokerhome 5 years ago

    @decouk when Matt wins the WSOP

  • jfar8504 5 years ago

    what a donkey

  • xxxIzekeIxxx 5 years ago

    haha norm was the pool boy at lons health club :/

  • DSREK7 5 years ago

    Horrible commentators. Damon’s odds to call were close enough and to put
    Seidel’s range a call was better and it turned out to be a coin flip.

  • thedreamdealer 5 years ago

    @PokerVertigo Oliver Hudson is worse

  • artty132 5 years ago

    i thought Matt Damon learning sumthing from Rounders?!?!?!? like cmon!!

  • JoeyQue 5 years ago

    How ironic lol..

  • ssj04 5 years ago

    @decouk what are you talking about? you’re watching Rounders 2 right now.

  • glassyA 5 years ago

    @pedralicamosa soooooooooo looooooooooong

  • S Don 5 years ago

    that second commentator is such a dick, cant he stop being unfunny for 5
    seconds? asshole.

  • simonjeste 5 years ago

    @kavePizzaHunter semi-bluff, he surely hoped A9 or lower would fold, but
    also thought maybe a lower pair might not believe him for an Ace too…

  • rulovi 5 years ago

    Turn on Close Caption for a good laugh!

  • jony54ful 5 years ago

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  • RAKIMALLAH12 5 years ago

    @Sageisstupid he looks like a lost child

  • Gerardo Manuel Orosco 5 years ago

    AWFULL TELL when he saw the flop, he is so damn surprised at 0:48

  • irishdan2007 5 years ago

    stupid all in out of him

  • TheAcehighFlush 5 years ago

    Seidel’s among the best in the world…don’t think I could call him before
    the flop with A 7 either.

  • apt981 5 years ago

    Matt Damon wanted to leave lol He got bored

  • nelbox81 5 years ago

    HAHAHA. Did you see the face of Matt after he had got the nuts? The best
    actor plays his worst role ever!

  • Theomite 5 years ago

    He’s a very busy guy. Charity or no charity, the guy probably wanted to get
    home so he could have some free time to himself. Added to which, he’s
    probably a bit sick of the whole ROUNDERS thing following him around 11
    years after the fact.

  • nosequiters 5 years ago

    stupid fucking beef jerky i hate beef jerky

  • blamtasticful 5 years ago

    In poker you only get one take.

  • Cameron Brtnik 5 years ago

    all in on pair 10s?TERRIBLE. I think he didnt care at this point and wanted
    to go grab a beer at the bar lol

  • Artoo64 5 years ago

    I think you guys need to give Matt Damon a break here. He’s clearly out of
    his league playing with the pros, but he actually understands some
    fundamental concepts. He knows A7o is a bad hand unlike a donk named Scott
    Montgomery, and he knows with a bad hand he should raise preflop rather
    than just limp. Also, he has a flip here with A7o vs. 66, so it would be
    right to call the shove, but if he were up against a similar hand like 88,
    it would be right to fold, so it wasn’t bad to fold.

  • MMagentaHH 5 years ago

    not sure exactly, but he did not make it in the money. only like top 600
    out of like 6000 made it in the money.