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Mautsow Trashes Raymer - World Series of Poker 2004 WSOP

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow and Greg “Fossilman” Raymer go at it in a pot and Matusow antagonizes Raymer, setting the stage for later fireworks in the 2004 Worl…

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  • Shane444888 4 years ago

    wow can’t believe this was 10 years ago. Time flies. They both have more
    money than me so i can’t talk shit about either of them

  • Warring God 4 years ago

    tmlms1313 he won the 2005 tournament of champs, recently won the 2013 heads
    up championship as well,for like1m i think

  • tmlms1313 4 years ago

    What has Mike done in his career since the 04 wsop? and what has Raymer

  • tmlms1313 4 years ago

    Raymer’s mugshot made him look like an even bigger POS

  • OhYouDontKnow 4 years ago

    Mike being Mike. But congrats to Raymer for making mike look like a donkey.
    Silence is Golden

  • OriginalKarasu 4 years ago


  • Nick Werle 4 years ago

    raymer won 4 HPT last year, was HPT POY, cashed in one this year and you
    all did squat

  • Gustavo Fring 4 years ago

    @ Nick Werle – Yeah, except Raymer spends his free time pooping on

  • Philandros 4 years ago

    how so?

  • mrmacross 4 years ago

    Might be referring to Raymer’s arrest earlier this year for soliciting a
    prostitute, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Mikey’s dabbled a bit in that,
    too. But if Mike finds it funnier that it was originally reported as a
    “male prostitution ring,” then he probably yukked it up a lot.

  • LiveFromWVU32 4 years ago

    The last thing Mike ever thought was that Raymer would go on to win the
    whole tournament. I’m sure he was shocked…

  • Nick Werle 4 years ago

    i took chips from raymer in HPT, and out lasted him in another, and I saw
    him get rivered in 2 different main events.

  • safety dancerz123 4 years ago

    Each time I Google Greg Raymer and PUGGY NEUTRON my screen goes blank.

  • geoff N 4 years ago

    No. Matusow made himself look like a piece of shit.

  • tmlms1313 4 years ago

    Mike got the real last laugh

  • Jon Marion 4 years ago


  • Zanbaktau 4 years ago

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