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Mohegan Sun Video Poker Jackpots

6 hand pays over the course of 90 minutes. Also earned over 300 points in that time. Honestly this all started by putting in a slot machine… Winning…


Video Poker


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  • Micki C 5 years ago

    it was really awesome that you keep wining on .

  • DanSVT03 5 years ago

    So what was your total winnings?

  • Al Beebe 5 years ago

    max bet is 25 credits, i was in fact betting 5 which is full pay

  • Preetam Halibandi 5 years ago

    sit and goes are my favorite, i always start with a no deposit bonus. you
    can get 5 pounds from this poker site go here POK22.COM Silena appeared out
    of the woods, her sword drawn. Her Aphrodite armour was pink and red,
    colour coordinated to match her clothes and makeup. She looked like
    Guerilla Warfare Barbie.

  • brian shapiro 5 years ago

    what a retard he plays 4 credits instead of 5…lmao

  • mlabella51 5 years ago

    WHY wouldn’t you bet 5???

  • Boozer301 5 years ago

    imagine if you would have bet MAX

  • INAPPROPRIATE 5 years ago

    Many Casinos are getting down right idiotic with their points system and
    reward systems. I had one send me a we haven’t seen you in a while please
    come back with FP. I went and got the FP I had used half of it went to use
    the other half and my balance was suddenly 0. They claimed I had used it
    but I said tell me which machines they couldn’t. Then they said you only
    had $50 in FP vs $100. I was at even showed the casino manager the $2000 BR
    I had and walked out saying I’d never be back.

  • KESHAandCYRUS 5 years ago

    i live in CT and roll to mohegan all the time.. WHERE IS THIS SLOT LOCATED

  • 30201065 5 years ago

    NO RISK Play Online

  • Thats some great card playing.congrads

  • George Washington 5 years ago

    what was he betting to win that type of money? 5 dollars a bet?

  • pattyott 5 years ago

    No Guts NO Glory Indeed Woo Hoo !! Congrats !!

  • 9674jlb 5 years ago

    Very nice — I enjoyed watching your video.

  • Al Beebe 5 years ago

    Max on that machine was 25 credits

  • Al Beebe 5 years ago


  • Jose Herrera 5 years ago

    I will call this bs and call this looking around for machines that had the
    jackpot signage and videotape it and talk shit whether you want to admit it
    or not.

  • Jonna Mergel 5 years ago

    if its $5 a credit …then isnt the max bet $40 ? 8 credits

  • BackEddy29 5 years ago

    Nice win. Did you call a few ladies up to your room with the winnings?

  • Dick Hertz 5 years ago

    Nice wins and not being smart, but why didnt you play the extra coin when

  • George Washington 5 years ago

    Wow thats some serious betting…Nice wins

  • justin jus 5 years ago

    thats amazing congrats may i ask? did u tip the attendant that keyed u out
    each handpay?

  • ChachaChapati 5 years ago

    Gotta bet big to win big. Nice job.

  • kowski75 5 years ago

    Seriously??? Pay attention to the background over his right shoulder…it
    NEVER changes when he pans back to himself!!! I hope I have this good of
    luck when I hit the video poker machines.

  • David Lamanna 5 years ago

    How much did you spend? Cause every time I go I lose…??