Share Button An unimpressed monkey destroys a game of poker between friends. They should have played online at PokerStars with…


Poker Fails


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  • shep seldon 5 years ago

    this is why i hate poker

  • YNWAintheFOAR 5 years ago

    is it just me or does that not make any sense?

  • Andy boy 5 years ago

    Thumbs up if u came here cus reese015 liked this!

  • alaman321 5 years ago

    FUCK I hate it when this happens

  • Fintan Costello 5 years ago

    Poker Monkey for the Win!

  • TommyHilfiger888 5 years ago

    Thumbs up if it scared the crap outta you!

  • S Sharma 5 years ago

    @dmgvexn yeah im soo addicted to online poker, you should get started with
    a no deposit bonus. you dont need a credit card you can get $8 for free
    claim it here:

  • reese015 5 years ago

    @flipperking96 whoa, twelve upvotes? had no idea my ‘liking’ had this kind
    of influence 😀

  • themindzi 5 years ago

    monkeys are on an alltime dopamine rush, making them crack monkeys

  • junkrat1 5 years ago

    pokerstars- home of the worst poker adverts in the world.

  • DutraBrito 5 years ago

    its an actuall monkey on the moment of the jump you can see the trainer’s
    hand behind the last player giving the signal for him to jump. nice ad by

  • David O'Connor 5 years ago

    The monkey was called Lily and I an the guy in the check shirt she jumped
    past. Lovely creature, but it took HOURS to shoot + monkeys (even small
    ones) can be scary!!

  • sean19922k7 5 years ago

    Well spotted, the guy who’s to act next after the one that just went all in
    gives the signal for the monkey to jump. It is a trained monkey

  • lam3e10 5 years ago

    i”m that one of the two people who click the dislike botton. because that
    fucking money scared me.

  • Pokerstars 5 years ago

    @sean19922k7 Of course it is, but don’t spoil the magic =P I think an
    untrained monkey would have made for a disaster!

  • asswhupper 5 years ago

    this game just went bananas

  • Yolo Hannes 5 years ago


  • Lea Saunders 5 years ago

    saucyxx has a home game and thank god cos I live in a jungle, well it seems
    like one sometimes lol

  • sean19922k7 5 years ago

    @YNWAintheFOAR You’re missing the point.. when you play at home there is a
    higher chance that a monkey will come along and jump on the table and mess
    everything up.. err.. yerr that wont happen when I play at home with my
    mates :) Better atmosphere with your mates when you have beers and that..
    but I do like to play on pokerstars when I’m not playing with my mates.

  • Professor Idle 5 years ago

    I actually hate it when this happens. That’s why I never go all in.

  • junkrat1 5 years ago

    such a random add

  • MrTabak71 5 years ago

    😀 realy funny)

  • Rustam995 5 years ago

    ahahha the monkey distrub monkeys on the table