Share Button (Still under development, really taking much much longer then I expected) In this video I continue my final table play analysis with s…

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  • Curtis Smith 5 years ago

    can you please do more 6 max hyper turbos?

  • reboot 5 years ago

    pls upload 😀 i sub

  • 42JDD 5 years ago

    LONG time ago :(

  • Jack The Shipper 5 years ago

    Im not that qualified in 6max hypers but maybe ill give em a shot 😛

  • Jack The Shipper 5 years ago

    second ;(

  • reboot 5 years ago

    can you upload your hud config

  • Florin Maier 5 years ago

    First 😀

  • xristos tsias 5 years ago

    how did u put this graphs with cbet pfr etc below every player dude??

  • djle47 5 years ago

    Thanks for the videos. ANy chane in a slight bump in video quality. Third!!

  • Jack The Shipper 5 years ago

    if you see the little round thing in the bottom you can click on it and
    chooose 720 or even 1080p which is HD i believe :)

  • Samuel Tsehai 5 years ago

    You say ss’s limit your steal ability but its actually reasoning to open.
    for example at the hand with 45o, you havent been going nuts so far at the
    FT and with the bigstacks being passive they arent calling often with
    shorties behind. But yeah just wondering why you wouldnt raise any 2 in
    that spot since the SB has to expect limited FE and the bigstack has ICM to
    think about.

  • TheSnowBall 5 years ago

    7 months since part 1, 3 months since this. Just wonder how come, and will
    we see part 3 (and 4 and 5 etc)? Big cliffhanger since you hint on an
    upcoming big mistake, exiting exiting :)

  • Jack The Shipper 5 years ago

    Its called a HUD, certain programs can create that

  • MattDurden 5 years ago

    it’s HD…

  • Tomas Vardas 5 years ago

    awful play with KJ, fold preflop, what are you representing on the flop,
    you wouldnt raise any Q here or set , so if he is good players he will
    float you with AK like everytime in position, just giving chips away