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MTT Strategy Session with Greg Merson

Watch the End! 31:25 Greg Merson Before He Won the Main Event! (L) Want More Videos?…
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  • RussyG32 5 years ago

    Hey gripsed, what kind of live poker is going on in Canada? im moving to
    Toronto next month and am looking to get stacking! :) 

  • Lindsey Maith 5 years ago

    well I watched a good and exciting 2 hour sesion of good poker but it
    finishes before the finish ?

  • yannick jobin 5 years ago

    ii mean if u wint it wht u gonna do? if u win the money, the bracelets, wht
    u gonna do? lol

  • Anon1m93 5 years ago

    @craigndayday so you watched 40mins of this clip , and u think he won 400k
    real money . OMG obvious it’s a fcking tourney , those are chips, not his
    real money LOL

  • drew donham 5 years ago

    is there a part 2 to this?

  • Don Dearth 5 years ago

    i thought it was illegal to play at pokerstars in the united states can
    anyone justify me?

  • craigndayday 5 years ago

    when he won at 41:11 was he playing for real money?! did he doulbe up to

  • Dreama Grist 5 years ago

    I’m playing with no cost cash with Poker stars at the moment. I discovered
    this marketing code psp15562 and yes it enable you to get the 100% put in
    extra when you first deposit the first time.

  • Floris Duinmaijer 5 years ago

    what is that programm you use to check if they play many hands or not?

  • SterbendPro 5 years ago

    kiss my ass

  • evilpiggehz 5 years ago

    wheres the rest!?

  • welovetilt 5 years ago


  • CLSVuurwerk 5 years ago

    did you win?

  • Pirate44444 5 years ago

    retard alert.

  • Mattias Borg 5 years ago

    This is clearly a fold. Villain will show up with AA a vast majority of the
    time and the times he doesn’t he’s gonna suck out since online poker is
    rigged. The best way of accumulating ships is to not play any hands at all
    and hope to get walks in the big blind and pick up the small blind+antes.

  • Joe Bieker 5 years ago

    wtf all in against qj again w pos. i had kk. aa9jj wtf is going on

  • Joe Bieker 5 years ago

    19 people left from 400 people. 1st is 2500. i have kk 2nd to act w 7 on
    table. opener shoves. for 17bbs. i have 25bbs. i was thinkin omg, does he
    really have aa n shoving. i called. he had qjs. flop atj then 8 9. should i
    have made a super tight fold there since its usually aa shoving at that
    spot? or was it a good call based on stack size?

  • noholecard 5 years ago

    when it turned to him at 1:20 and it wasn’t greg merson i was like wtf…

  • angonagus10 5 years ago

    JTs hand 3 barrells imo

  • Patrick Star 5 years ago

    42:45 it’s Greg Merson dumbass.

  • Tj Lily 5 years ago

    watched whole video, toronto canada. learned so much, greg seems really
    grounded and down to earth, a lot like myself actually. keep stackin’.

  • Tj Lily 5 years ago

    what state do you live? or how do you play pokerstars in america?

  • Tuber Youb 5 years ago

    Greg merson @ 41minutes!

  • Tuber Youb 5 years ago

    41:11 typical pokerstars!

  • Sylteagurken89 5 years ago

    Whats the program called, keeping track of other players actions??