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Multi Table Tournament Poker Strategy Guide - Part 8 (Satellite Tournaments)

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  • Scott Cohen 5 years ago

    turned 0 into $12k in 3 freerolls couple years ago it was sick

  • Arturas ..... 5 years ago

    i cant belive i won 1050$ stellite to the scoop invested just 50$ amazing !
    your video realy helpful ! love ya !

  • Cameron McCorquodale 5 years ago

    I meant couldn’t agree more…

  • Cameron McCorquodale 5 years ago

    I could agree more about satellites, two recent stories I can think of are
    1: This years PCA main event a guy satellited in for $1 and made the FT. 2:
    WCOOP main event 2012 the winner satellited in for a few FPP’s and took
    home $1 million.

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    if you are talking about the 2 or 3x turbo rebuy satellites, then yes
    registering at the last possible second is the ideal strategy. Otherwise
    things get very very expensive.

  • Justin Mcnabb 5 years ago

    how many rebuy’s would you say is too many in a sat like the $1.65 sunday
    million sat on pokerstars?also in your opinion do you think it’s better to
    start at the start or a few minutes before registration is over?i found if
    you start these at 58 mins(2 mins reg left) you end up rebuying roughly 15
    single rebuy’s. there’s so tempting withe $215 prize but i find you could
    win 1 and then lose the next 10-20

  • Ngọc Duy 5 years ago

    @rngdccv sit and goes are my favorite, i always start with a no deposit
    bonus. you can get 5 pounds to start playing get it here ==>