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  • steve martin 5 years ago

    it was so spooky – at the end of this video wen he mentioned “bluffing off
    your stack with 8-3 suited” i had 8-3 suited in my first ever real money
    pokerstars tournament. (i folded.. haha) 

  • Skatinima 5 years ago

    if you knew 100% that he had a trash hand,your AQs beats his range,so you
    made the right decision,you just got unlucky.if you go to pokerstove you
    will se that AQs has a 73.487% edge against q3s

  • Krystal Mikkelsen 5 years ago

    Subscribe at Pokerstars along with use the marketing code : psp15562 and
    find some sort of 100 percent bonus as much as six-hundred money

  • gusman85 5 years ago

    You can sell tournament tickets? Can you do that in Pokerstars? How?

  • Tommy Arnold 5 years ago

    I really hope this video doesn’t go viral

  • Joe Bieker 5 years ago

    i had 50 bbs near the money. guy raises, i raise, he goes all in. based on
    his pos, right b4 me, i knew he had nothing. n i was right. he had q3s vs
    my aqs. was this a mistake for me to call? he flopped 3 while i had a flush
    draw but i missed n he won a huge pot.

  • pivosok 5 years ago

    i won one tour with 3 bb left 600 people , never gave up

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    grats ron!

  • Nikola N 5 years ago

    where is your euthusiasm?

  • ron g 5 years ago

    A must watch please if your playing poker mtt please do it for your game.
    haven’t playing mtt in 2 months so I brush up by watch the guide and 2
    back2back final table 3rd and 5th place on lock poker. Keep watching
    community. U will see results

  • Alexander Grosse 5 years ago

    @fRe3eezY But his ROI in 2009 was extremly good !! over 200% !

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    sell the ticket and save the T$ :)

  • Philip Abbott 5 years ago

    amen to that.

  • EddyWallyFan 5 years ago

    where are the other parts? This info is great !

  • king betalot 5 years ago

    thank you very much for this upload gripsed, you are a legend for this

  • james b 5 years ago

    Lol . I was in a 18man SNG and with four people left i had taken a all in
    lose and was down to 225chips. The remaining three had over 4k chips. I
    didnt give up and came back to take first place….whooot

  • Scott K 5 years ago

    Anywhere left to play online in the states?

  • Wallet Fartloud II 5 years ago

    Came back from a tenth of a big blind (while 250 remained) in the Sunday
    Million on stars and finished 28th overall :) got $4K

  • Airsoft Matt 5 years ago

    so if mr strauss said all in, how can he still use the 500 chip??? he said
    all in on that hand and no matter if it’s under his drink or not what you
    say is binding plus you are responsible for your cards and chips, could
    this still happen today?

  • justs liepins 5 years ago

    Thx for this guide!Helped me to get my first achievement in tournament!
    subcribed and liked!

  • Alexander Grosse 5 years ago

    the video is from 2010, and ny checking him out in the online poker
    rankings, he doesnt play online poker since 2009 ! i dont think it is worth
    to pay him for any advice. There is a lot of better players out there
    providing help !

  • Mark Weaver 5 years ago

    This helped me win some local tournaments!

  • monkeyZ1010 5 years ago

    so why would i pay 60 $ after you presented no real info and maby say ho
    you are online for some cred…

  • PokerAllAbout 5 years ago

    I just won 4 SnG in a row starting with 3.30$. Now i got a 216$ for the
    sunday mulligan on FullTilt starting in 40minutes. Could need some coaching
    gripsed 😀

  • james b 5 years ago

    you complain about a comment then make a similiar one.. Sounds like you got
    small dick syndrom. Sorry for you mabye you can find some pills that help.