Share Button – This video goes over multitabling and how to play up to 16 tables at once profitably. Poker Software Used: PokerTracker 3 Table Ninja.

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  • Justin Mcnabb 4 years ago

    whats is your VPIP/PFR and steal % roughly when doing this many tables?

  • Hel Toupee 4 years ago

    You jerkoffs are the reason why it takes 20 minutes to complete a single
    hand of poker. Every single hand, there is like 5 or 6 multi-tabling nits
    like yourself who tank every single decision – in cash games its not so bad
    – but when u have multi-tabling MTT’ers where there is a fixed blind
    structure (which online is usually always short, and fast blind level =
    high variance), you guys suck the skill completely out of the game.

  • JohnnySkillish 4 years ago

    I could NEVER do this! LOL He’s doing it AND recording a vid, and so
    calmly! I used to 4 table at most, but was playing a different, more aggro
    style, especially pre-flop. I’d be ripping my hair out and timing out
    everywhere! LOL This style is just a basic grinding style, playing like the
    top 5%-6% of hands, playing aggressively when you hit, and folding when you
    don’t. Period. And rakeback is absolutely crucial to this style and is
    really where the money is being made. Ahhhh….the good ‘ole days…:)

  • Ni Meu 4 years ago

    This video should be called: How 90% of you lose more money even faster!

  • TheEvolutionviii 4 years ago

    so why is multitabling for micro stakes better than playing just 1-4 higher
    stakes ? wouldn’t you make more money that way?

  • ihateidiotcomments 4 years ago

    He’s making tons on rake back. Table Ninja makes all the difference with
    multi tabling.

  • Pokerr Maximus 4 years ago

    Nice video man. Check out #PokerLancer I think it would be of use to you.
    Peace out. I subbed. 

  • Azza1070 . 4 years ago

    Just out of curiosity as I am considering doing a similar method myself,
    how much money have you put into your account overall and how much profit
    have you made?

  • abdi1983 4 years ago

    Fuck I can only two table how do I improve? Plus my monitor is not big

  • GSD55 4 years ago

    This could be good idea for playing at lower stakes tables when you’re
    against lesser savvy players because all you have to do is play good cards
    and not the players.

    But I can’t imagine playing this many tables in higher stakes games where
    you “must” take your time to assess more savvy players carefully.

    Then again, I’ve never played on more than 3 tables at a time when Full
    Tilt was still around for real money games, so I could be missing

  • thisfuckinsucks1 4 years ago

    play those Omaha and I will be impressed

  • macaco macacão 4 years ago

    …..thats has an explanation, cos people that make these videos normaly
    they are speaking alone…and are amateurs… they drag, to think wat
    to say,,,:P

  • aron hegedus 4 years ago

    @3:18 you folded A10o on the left middle table, was that a misclick, or was
    that meant to be folded because ive noticed youve raised in the cutoff with
    KJ on other tables, can you tell me why that is?

  • NerdHerdEvents 4 years ago

    Nice video, was really interesting to see how you do it and what your
    thoughts were behind that hand. Thanks and yes I would like you to make
    more video’s. I subscribed :)

  • spcsinger21 4 years ago

    you multitablers are killing the game…..I hate sitting at your tables
    because you basically almost time out b4 you make a decision…..I hope new
    regulations make it so you can only open 4 tables….or eliminate table
    ninja and HUDS

  • sascha uchiha 4 years ago

    okay try to “bluff me out” plz if i hit my nutz on 1 of those tables

  • Checkingokop 4 years ago

    would be better if you would explain your multitabling strat, and maybe
    comment on certain individual tables if theres a need.

  • cannabisbisbisbisbis 4 years ago

    @cyatuesday lol im actually now 16 tabling on my little 10” laptop
    monitor. overlaps a bit, and you have to be careful where you click.
    certain spots are safe to click at all times, while other spots are
    potential misclick disaster zones. even on my small laptop it doesn’t lag
    at all too much, it works for me. ive been doing it like this for 2 months
    now, works pretty well. probably wont get a new computer till this one
    breaks down.

  • Simon O' Donoghue 4 years ago

    thats where a HUD comes in

  • ebutuoymai 4 years ago

    im new… what is “10 and 0” ???

  • 0l1mpuz 4 years ago

    how to multitable for dummies: step 1 – you multitable

  • webo3000 4 years ago

    supernova elite is worth 100k im not even gonna check his results he must
    be on a downswing lose that much at them stakes and that was fulltilt not
    stars so cant be going for supernova so maybe u have found same name on
    stars and got them mixed up 80000 bbs he lost at them stakes seems strange
    to me like i said cant be asked to sharkscope him PLAY ON HIGHPULSE POKER

  • benjspurs 4 years ago

    most people will also run a HUD.

  • TinyPawsStudios 4 years ago

    @yellowmellowful That’s A3o you`re talking about… Go Fullscreen…

  • Ramel Prince 4 years ago

    You wouldn’t be down by so much if you concentrated on one screen