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Here’s a Slideshow of more than a few of my BIGGEST wins (Video Poker and Slots) on my recent Las Vegas Trip (February 20-25, 2013). These wins happened in D…

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  • Italblessings 5 years ago

    Great video, I was in Vegas in June this year, I spent £1000 ($1500) on
    gambling, won back £2000 ($3000) on slots/roulette/blackjack and also got
    £350 ($550) comped at Mirage when I checked out. Love Vegas, been here 3
    times since 2010. Luckiest casinos for me have been MGM and Bellagio. Also
    Downtown where odds just seem so much better.

  • morzloks 5 years ago

    THat is so awesome!! Congrats on your winnings!

  • fntsydrgn 5 years ago

    Nice hits. I almost had a heart attack one time when I was playing I had a
    Q,10,K,J of Spades dealt plus 3H. then I got 3D after that it took me like
    2 mins to press the draw button

  • Jorge Martinez 5 years ago

    I always hear that downtown is luckier than the strip.

  • bgolden16 5 years ago

    Well Done!

  • alwayson09 5 years ago

    Good job! Hey, did the Cal still have the old time coin machines when you
    were there? Or have they switched over to paper vouchers? Thanks, again

  • dave hashida 5 years ago

    nice hits,I also had a very good trip Downtown too this year in March.
    check out my vids

  • DoItLikeATruck 5 years ago

    Congrats to all you invested

  • ChachaChapati 5 years ago

    Nice job. Good tips on staying away from the strip; all the high-paying
    machines seem to be in old Vegas.

  • Keoni67 5 years ago

    Thanks lovetwoslot! And YES, it is ALWAYS nice to go home ahead! 😉

  • Keoni67 5 years ago

    Thanks bgolden16! Appreciate it!

  • Keoni67 5 years ago

    They still have those old time coin (fed) machines as well as some of the
    newer ticketed ones. Same as Main Street, some old and some new.
    Personally, I like the mixture of it. I always tend to stay Downtown when I
    travel to Vegas (maybe 1-2 times a year), as I “feel” that most of the
    machines (video poker and slots) are much looser than the strip – plus the
    comps that the Boyd Properties give are always GOOD!

  • lovetwoslot 5 years ago

    Awesome winnings; congratulations! Always nice to go home ahead.

  • Keoni67 5 years ago

    Jorge, I also feel luckier downtown than I do on the strip. The atmosphere
    just feels better….hard to explain.