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Here’s a collection of some of my best video poker hands over the last several years. If you’re a video poker fanatic like I am, you’ll definitely appreciate…


Video Poker


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  • djsmileyoflasvegas 5 years ago

    The best times to play in small bars around the city is jan thru march cuz
    they have to show a certain payout before taxes.tne best games are spin
    poker ultimate x and 3 to 10 lines playing triple bonus pojer cuz aces with
    kickers pay same as royal and 2,3, and 4s with kicker pays half royal

  • cheryl jaminson 5 years ago

    Love it!!!

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    I use the poker training software, “Winpoker” from Zamzow Software
    Solutions ( I’ve played the simulation for literally thousands
    of hours and learned from it. I wish I could say I was UP in my overall VP
    play but sadly that just isn’t the case. I’ve had some good runs that
    lasted quite a while but overall I’m definitely DOWN. I just take advantage
    of all the comps the casinos has to offer and hope that it keeps me
    somewhat close overall. Good luck.

  • oracleandy 5 years ago

    I have been playing since 1985, biggest royal 7914 at Ramda Express
    Laughlin. Can you tell me do you play a system, and have you kept track
    with Win Loss statements and your own records, if you are UP or DOWN?

  • Jose Herrera 5 years ago

    It had music but I don’t believe the still videos one freaking bit. unlucky

  • Ashutosh Kaushik 5 years ago

    Very infomative video..amazingly superb video to learn how to play and win
    video poker. Also download Free Video Poker gaming app on your iPhone, iPod
    and iPad :- facebook(dotcom)/Phonato

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    You’re totally right. I’m just not that smart. But, the $20,000 (with
    maximum bet) payoff on a royal is a good hand to play for. It’s my dream
    hand. I always play a little $5 poker when I’ve had a winning session at
    lower denominations.

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    It’s on a game called “Super Triple Play”. It’s normal payback on double
    double bonus except four of a kinds. They all pay double. For example, 4
    tens would pay 500 instead of 250. Similarly, 4 Aces/k pays 4000 instead of
    the normal 2000. It costs one extra credit per hand to play, 18 total for
    triple play. I’ve had some luck with it as you can see in the video, but
    I’ve also had my share of dry spells. They have 2 machines at Harrahs
    Rincon and at least 1 at Harrahs Las Vegas.

  • Brad Roberts 5 years ago

    Great video. I’ve also hit the same jackpots. Love the music!

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    I know they have much better payback schedules off the LV Strip than they
    do on. I’m very surprised that the VP payback is better at The Rio than at
    Harrahs Rincon near my home. BTW, I agree that playing more doesn’t
    necessarily mean you’re going to come out ahead. Our hope is to stay close
    and make sure we take advantage of all the comps and perks Harrahs
    (Caesars) Total Rewards program has to offer… rooms, meals, show tickets,
    etc. We don’t look at those as freebies, just “prepaid”. :-)

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    I’m right there with you. I’m at 137,500 so looks like I’ll make it with a
    little luck. I’m really not too sure what extra comps there are, but
    whatever they are, I’ll take ’em. We’ve earned them… right?

  • MrGSU1111 5 years ago

    Absolutely. I’m sure the cash/free play offers will increase some, but it’s
    still probably primarily based on play. Some Harrah’s properties have an
    exclusive seven star lounge separate from the diamond lounge, but most just
    have the one lounge for both. You’ll get one flight per year for you and a
    guest to anywhere in the US. There are some other things I can’t think of.
    Of course they will kiss your ass a little more too. lol. I know because my
    dad is at a 400,000 tier score.

  • MrGSU1111 5 years ago

    The more you play, the more chances you have of hitting a jackpot, but that
    obviously doesn’t necessarily equate to making a profit overall. They do
    have 100% payout VP machines, but as far as I know they are pretty rare

  • MrGSU1111 5 years ago

    Exactly. The comps are what makes up for some of that house edge. Are you a
    seven star at Harrah’s? My tier score is at 125k. 25k more until I make
    seven star, not that I’ll get much more comps than I’m already getting

  • Boozer301 5 years ago

    is this all from Vegas?

  • scottarooni 5 years ago

    Last weekend, I hit a nickel royal for $200, and then over the course of
    the weekend lost $500. This weekend, I was dealt 4 Aces on a triple play
    machine at the corner 7-11 for a $300 jackpot. I haven’t put any of that
    money back yet. :-) To paraphrase John Vavra in an earlier comment: the
    more you play, the more chances you have to win. The biggest jackpot I’ve
    ever won remains the progressive $1 royal I hit at the Venetian on December
    7, 1999 for $4,617.00.

  • Kris Green 5 years ago

    WOW! You’ve sure had your share of Royals! They’re so hard to come by and I
    log hundreds of hours playing VP! Very Nice!! and I agree with you on
    learning the best holds for each situation. It’s difficult to be 100%
    perfect but increasing your odds and decreasing the house edge is always a
    good thing!

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    The large majority of the hands shown in the video came from two casinos,
    The Rio in Las Vegas and Harrahs Rincon near San Diego. The Rio offers a
    really good selection of video poker machines and, combined with their
    friendly staff, makes it our choice in Las Vegas.

  • 9674jlb 5 years ago

    Ahh…… That tune. You gotta love it!

  • ftworthxxx 5 years ago

    The Royal at 5:58 is the very elusive “Sequential Royal Flush.” Impressive.

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    Not too complicated. I sometimes take the photo while the machine is still
    paying. If you look at the win meter you can see that so far it’s only
    counted out 992 of the 1600 credits due when the photo was taken. Trust
    me… I got my $800.

  • DarcnessTrophies 5 years ago

    Dealt royal , *Mind melts* Thought I was lucky with a dealt straight flush

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    I made it my ringtone on my phone. I’m a real sicko!!

  • ftworthxxx 5 years ago

    At 2:38 you’re dealt four 4’s on a three hand 50 cent reel. You hit the
    kicker on one of three hands for 1600 coins total, should equal $800 on a
    50 cent reel, but your machine just shows $652 in credit. Explain.

  • John Vavra 5 years ago

    I’ve spent thousands of hours playing video poker tutorials. The best I’ve
    found is “Winpoker” ( and available as an iphone app,
    “iwinpoker”. These programs teach you the best statisical hold on any hand
    through actual play. I follow these guidelines 100% and never play hunches.
    It is amazing to me to watch others play VP and hold the incorrect cards.
    This gives the casino a higher mathematical win and I just don’t think they
    need that. By the way, no, I don’t work for Zamzone.