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  • starvinmarvin44 5 years ago

    Yo whats up dood? Are you someone i talked with before?

  • Tournament Poker 2013 5 years ago

    hey bro

  • ALIENZPOKER 5 years ago

    as per usual

  • 1985gvs 5 years ago

    definately NOT a “professional courtesy”….. daniel took betting lead on
    turn, dwan is trapping.. he would never have checked in position as a
    “professional courtesy”, that’s ridiculous…

  • BestPokerCoaching 5 years ago

    You got durrrrred

  • toptenguy1 5 years ago

    @FroztDrake The blindness of durrrrr worshippers never ceases to amaze me.
    They truly believe that Tom Dwan is infinitely more talented than the OTHER
    TOP PLAYERS IN THE WORLD. It’s Tom Dwan, then about 100 miles below, it’s
    the 2nd best player in the world. NO LUCK IS INVOLVED AT ALL … *shakes
    head* lol

  • Zachary Comstock 5 years ago

    @truth3253 What books have you read? Do you know how to use Nash
    Equilibrium Right? If you say “Poker is just luck”, how someone can be good
    and someone can be bad? I doubt you are in position to “know” who is good
    and who is bad at poker.

  • ANormalGuy 5 years ago

    What are the chances that Daniel has something that could beat dwan’s hand?
    Its not that it was a bad bluff, but the timing to do a bluff was just so

  • brightonrobby 5 years ago

    @onlypedro I didn’t get it at first lol

  • TheOckawaga 5 years ago

    @favy086 he didnt have the nuts

  • Chris G 5 years ago

    I love how everyone here is bashing Dwan for not betting the river.
    Honestly, What hand is ever gonna call? Only MAYBE the same hands that
    would bet after a check anyway, such as A-Q, A-J, or JJ. When you have the
    board crushed with a boat like this and you know it, the ONLY way you’re
    making money is by giving the other player a chance to bluff. That’s why
    Dwan checked. My god Youtubers are so stupid. I doubt many of you can even
    win at $1-$2. Whenever these people have the nuts they’re all in.

  • TheKScott89 5 years ago

    @roell29 And yes, the show is for entertainment. People want to see the
    pros play poker like the pros that they are. Professional poker players
    love the game, play for fun, but also make a ton of money doing it, and the
    point is to play your best, and make the most you can,and/or lose the
    minimum. They are all there to make money,they don’t look greedy; THEY ALL
    sitdown with the same amount, ready to play,ready to maybe lose, but to
    hopefully make a ton of money,and own the show. Dwan Is Hungry.

  • BestPokerCoaching 5 years ago

    dwan is better than negreanu in my opinion

  • Zynyster 5 years ago

    yam yam? lol

  • Robert Elliot 5 years ago

    @TheKScott89 Yeah but like I said, I think (and I think Dwan thought) that
    the chances of Negreanu pushing again on the river were negligible – only
    chance is if he has AK, and then it’s a split. Negreanu says at the end
    that he “knew” Dwan had what he was pretending to have – AK. By
    “cut-throat”, I mean it would be the play to extract maximum value, but it
    look too money grubby for TV.

  • ch1nn 5 years ago

    did you record this with your ass?

  • snapsalot 5 years ago

    @onlypedro i don’t think anyone would misunderstand the title.

  • Vaidotas Nesvarbu 5 years ago

    300k pot

  • toptenguy1 5 years ago

    As usual, eeeeeverything works out for Durrrr… When he’s bluffing, his
    opponents happen to have nothing, when they make a bold move on him, that
    just HAPPENS to be when he has the nuts… *sigh* It’s not ALL reads. there
    IS a big luck/guessing factor too, even for top pros. It just always ends
    up falling Dwan’s way, makes me sick!

  • truth3253 5 years ago

    @Husapi prove it ask any pro you like. so if a flop a full house thats
    skill. lol your blind you cant beat luck. look at the guy who come2 in 2009
    wsop he had no idea all luck. so if i push with aa and you call me with kk
    and you hit the k for your set is that skill or luck

  • starvinmarvin44 5 years ago

    People don’t get that u can’t have accurate criticisms on big games unless
    you can afford to play these stakes or better yet have actually played
    these stakes. So therefore even if you are correct on what play is best,
    you are still absolutely wrong because you don’t actually have the money to
    play the game so what you are saying is all made up in your poor little
    brain of yours.

  • Ronnie James Osbourne 5 years ago

    “Tom Dwan Says Yum Yum……”

  • sulorac1 5 years ago

    3bet/push turn.

  • Rocky Nenshat 5 years ago

    IF you pay attention to how much dwan bets- he’s a genius.

  • RolledUp9s 5 years ago

    LOL! Yeah, calling the turn and betting the river. Great play! *sarcasm*