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In today’s show we talk about DOJ demands Million from Howard Lederer, Help wanted at Full Tilt Poker and Nevada’s new online poker rules. I’ll be taking…

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  • Xuan Cegla 5 years ago

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  • Joe Landry 5 years ago

    One major thing I noticed in the article was the Geo-location. So if I live
    in Nevada say and I am traveling for work let’s say the middle of
    nowerevill Nebraska were they roll up the streets on the weekends. I cannot
    log on a play because I am in another state? So as long as I am at home
    (although that would be nice) I can play online but don’t go traveling
    anywhere. I mean come on is that not setting the technology back and not
    moving forward.

  • TheOpenSeatdotTV 5 years ago

    Nope Just working on some other projects for the BlueTigerPoker channel.
    It’s taking longer than expect to get back to the Open Seat. I injured my
    back few weeks ago so my production is way off. Hope to be back before the
    end of Nov.

  • Joe Landry 5 years ago

    This is a good start but the Feds need to just step up and say hey you can
    play but your winnings will be taxed by your home state. Or if (and I am
    sure they will) all the states are like no we want our cut of what happens
    here. Well all the ISP’s can tell you where you are at by IP address. So
    make it a flat rate that goes into a pool and then the states get their
    cuts from what is turned in.

  • zorekiller 5 years ago

    are you off air already ? hope not ,where are you