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  • Doonie602 5 years ago

    I used to not like eli but he is a strong solid player, top three players
    are ivey dwan and antonius, theyre the best imo 

  • Mark Richardson 5 years ago

    Feldman is one of the UK’s top players.

  • SkaterVinceyy 5 years ago

    shut the fuck up, its getting boring now

  • mjaroush 5 years ago

    fuckin feldman what the fuck is he doin here

  • Furthermore23 5 years ago

    Zigman=fish Lederer=fish Friedman=fish

  • Christopher Morris-Lent 5 years ago

    how do these commentators breathe?

  • heifetz14 5 years ago

    rather see luke Schwarz than MR COOL

  • FIFA11EASports 5 years ago

    Shut up Howard

  • jacqueline nassar 5 years ago

    The second commentator sucks. Get him a poker for dummies book ASAP!!

  • ShizjaBe 5 years ago

    he used to kill palestinians while in the israeli special forces.

  • MrStuartBowman 5 years ago

    yeah thats why he in every high stakes cash game anywhere in the world and
    always seems to play great poker

  • Adaminski95 5 years ago

    Why would they invite that C U Next Tuesday Lederer?! He doesn’t deserve to
    be televised.

  • cubsfan099 5 years ago

    worst commentators ever

  • BoobiesHooray 5 years ago

    But really, of all the people at the table, its Howard that sucks the most
    ass. Seeing his stupid fucking face makes my blood boil, at the time he is
    playing he is playing with OUR money, he is smack dab in the middle of his
    embezzlement of players money from FT. I really hope someone kills him, I
    cant believe how stupid he is to show his face at the Vegas casinos. Both
    him and his cunt sister Annie Duke should be banned from poker for life.
    They are cancer to the poker world.

  • chlebiceksmaslem 5 years ago

    Jackass commentators.

  • mike15487 5 years ago


  • shnoogums1 5 years ago

    one bad read after another

  • JHaden23 5 years ago

    Yeah, be an adult, change your name to a swear word and go critique top
    comments by degrading them, and your sister simultaneously.

  • rypothasis 5 years ago

    fantastic field with amazing players (except for lederer the crooked tight
    fisted fukktard donk thief) but thats the worst commentary i have ever
    heard. it got to the stage where i couldnt watch any more because they
    where ruining the game…..reminded me of jennifer tilly..good to look at
    but sounds like a hyena in heat…..

  • spookyben 5 years ago

    “Busted his achilles heel”……wtf???

  • seaturtle7777 5 years ago

    He does! Which is one of the reasons why he is so good at the table.

  • Rob Nowak 5 years ago

    Christ almighty, need a dose of Gabe after these two insufferable morons.

  • NBCPOKER 5 years ago


  • BrianJ214 5 years ago

    Worst Commentator ever : Around 32:00 This cash game people come and go
    blah blah blah… Gus Hanson was 50 most sexiest people in people magazine
    blah blah and unfortunately for him he got a broken leg. So what?! lol So
    if someone have AIDS he will be like he is one of the best poker player in
    the world but unfortunately for him he got a AIDS.

  • barry armstrong 5 years ago

    @BoobiesHooray , Sam Tricket should have been in Foldy Feldmans place