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NLH Poker Vol2 Advanced Strategies With Gus Hansen Part 5 More Poker Videos!
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  • Sigrid Mcglamery 5 years ago

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  • RedTwiztidMist 5 years ago

    bet smallish to see where they are at and if they reraise you know there is
    a big chance you’re beat. if they’re slow playing you have a chance of
    making your hand better but if you’re putting bets in most of the time they
    will reraise you.

  • tangypasta 5 years ago

    1-2x the big blind Id say

  • digbick1978 5 years ago


  • Robertsinho 5 years ago

    A stab is usually 20-30% of the pot, like the pro says don’t risk ur stack
    on a bluff.

  • aleN1986 5 years ago

    omg, das war ein Zitat von Gus in dem Vid… kannst nicht zuhören ey

  • ARNDTA 5 years ago

    But what IS a small stab? 1/2 the pot? 3/4 the pot. At my site, the
    continuation bet is very often pot size, which I think is way too much.

  • Derrick Wong 5 years ago

    i say 1/2 the pot.

  • barracudatheband 5 years ago

    if you had physics in school or whatever. for every action there is a
    reaction hhaha

  • LordBess 5 years ago

    What’s a small bet ? talking about percentage…

  • IPAWNMYQUEENS 5 years ago

    … martens noch auf der zu erledigen liste mir war schon immer klar was
    für ein kranker schleimer der war.. mein gott ich habe den perfekten sinn
    für abschaum…

  • jackshocker 5 years ago

    small stab isnt a bluff. its question betting. opponent calls your
    possition is clear. then you know either not to bluff later.

  • Frederik Rasmussen 5 years ago

    Why would she kill innocent people u fool, fuk off with that crap.

  • snapsalot 5 years ago

    when people only bet the pot every bet they are donks… period.

  • wowowowye1 5 years ago

    Gus looks and sounds like he will throw up at any moment 😀

  • Crocodile25 5 years ago

    If you bet and he calls you don’t have to bet again. But if he folds most
    of the time then betting once is profitable.

  • whubel 5 years ago

    How is it important to bet at problem flops if you bet into the nuts and
    get slowplayed?

  • rico305305 5 years ago

    yes and no jackshocker. a small stab i say is more a tester bet than a
    small bluff.

  • themunster2 5 years ago

    i agree

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