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NOSEBLEED (English Version HD)

Nosebleed is an exclusive documentary about the world of online high stake players, directed and produced by Victor Saumont, also known as « Tapis_volant » i…

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  • Slush Fund 4 years ago

    This is the best poker documentary ever made. It’s a testament to bum
    hunting. It’s crazy how they got shots of Martin Jacobson on day 1! Who
    knew. How come all these euro pros live in London?

  • incano le master 4 years ago

    what is the song 1:03:50 ? nice movie btw

  • BONG SLAYER 4 years ago

    ok pause 53mins wtf these guys BOTH speak english most of the watchers
    speak english so they talk in whateva theyre talking in apart from that its
    good thanks 

  • Trooperos90 4 years ago

    so much ego on the long haired guy

  • It is I 4 years ago

    Checked HighstakesDB.. and omfg Gus is down 18 Mill lifetime online gambo..
    holy motherfucking of god if that is not a good indicator of a high stakes
    reg fish then i don’t know what is

  • Rokas Nei 4 years ago

    Great vid man! Where can i find a tracklist of music you have used?

  • Rikitikisiki 4 years ago

    Making millions, playing on a kitchen table. Aallrighty.

  • oma15 4 years ago

    lol jungle man being autistic

  • MrDard123 4 years ago

    i have income of 600 dollars. i was down to 60 in casgames, then up to 700
    in hyper 6max sngs. then down to 0 playing 30 and 60 and 200 dollars hyper
    6max, Im broke, if someone has a big heart and alot of money, could give me
    little money so i can pay for my living expenses, My Alias is slim121212
    in pokerstars. I am desperate :(

    By the way the documentary was really really good, taught me that even if
    you are one of the best pokerplayer you can have very big downswings, and
    you should never give up, unfortunately i did not use proper bankroll
    management this time :/

  • TheDigitalPillars 4 years ago

    Couple of flapjacks really. Can’t wait to see them broke. 

  • Fedil Al-Hayawi 4 years ago

    So much respect for frenchies who bother learning english

  • Grant Powell 4 years ago

    great vibe to this documentary i liked it better than 2 months 2 million

  • Tim Grace 4 years ago

    seriously….every time i hear their computer beep….i check my table
    hahaha…fkn dammit 

  • Anthony Vickers 4 years ago

    kept seeing this pop-up on my poker feed YT account thinking a horrror
    BMovie lol..clicked on to watch a great poker doc ..i like Sebs attitude
    .now itching for a game lol. back to pokerstars $2.20 buy-in tournee 😉 gl

  • Xanoptic0n 4 years ago

    The jungleman comments @ 35:44 were pretty funny.

    Great video and thanks for the subtitles.

  • Santiago Cuenca 4 years ago

    I hate the arrogance they talk withabout Hansen, and it doesnt seem very
    intelligent to let him as a complete fish in a video that he will probably
    see if he’s the one who is making them have their earnings. And iḿ sure
    they are great players, but start playing nosebleed with a 1 million
    bankroll? how much is that, 15buy ins? 

  • Fedor Amuricano 4 years ago

    This guys are Just amazing.. 2 different characters.. I like the Positive
    Slaviansk guy .. I like this other cute one too.. i mean not gay
    like .. Karoche.. i love both of them

  • BlueJaysFan 4 years ago

    Alex I slept with your girlfriend as soon as you left for Vegas for WSOP

  • axiusss 4 years ago

    Thank you for the documentary Mr. Victor Saumont. (and Alex and Sebastien
    for agreeing to do it)

  • Michael Dickerson 4 years ago

    Great documentary…I really enjoyed it!

  • superdave31 4 years ago

    woman at 1.04.14 ?? I dont like her hair or tattoos.. but she has a
    gourgous face. Anyone else?

  • Jimmy Fellas 4 years ago

    The subtitles are so fast :P

  • doluseb 4 years ago

    I’m like watching this with nostalgia. I miss those sounds. U.S. sites blow

  • can’t wait to win millions and get a hot british girl

  • Billys Karagiannis 4 years ago

    Life’s too short! Keep Calm And Play Poker!