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  • hurny 4 years ago

    Sick- looks great. Marty can I ask you. Once you have bought this and
    registered it by getting on a poker site, do you get the updates for free
    forever or do you have to rebuy the product….

  • Jonncc07 4 years ago

    I love omaha its well better than holdem

  • Marty Smith 4 years ago

    Actually no guys… That is the Irish Marty Smyth…. I am just the lowly
    TurtleKnife on the internet.

  • banditplaya4 4 years ago

    how do you download ???? help please

  • TheBigBADaZz 4 years ago

    Man can you please tell me how do i purchase the license for omaha
    indicator cause i already have accounts on most of the sitesand i didn’t
    see any link it on their site showing where or how i can purchase it.

  • millsy1987 4 years ago

    @TurtleKnife Peikotus, i got a new computer a month ago, emailed support
    and they sent me a new code, so can confirm they will do it for you.

  • Marty Smith 4 years ago

    @peikotus No sir, that is incorrect. If you change computers just contact
    support and they will set you up with your paid license on your new
    computer or OS. It`s really no problem at all.

  • vibonacci 4 years ago

    this is outdated. they have a nice working HUD now!

  • peikotus 4 years ago

    @TurtleKnife One worth mentionin thing is that lifetime does NOT include if
    youre goin to change computer, upgrade OS. Its one installation, one
    computer licence. If you change computer or upgrade OS (vista/xp -> win7)
    you need new licence.

  • mailofjulio 4 years ago

    same with me, google it put omaha indicator and cashorder

  • Jonncc07 4 years ago

    Omaha is the best

  • Marty Smith 4 years ago

    All Indicator products come with lifetime upgrades – automatic and FREE.

  • beethoven000999 4 years ago

    I already have Holdem and Tournament Indicators. So… We have to register
    in a third poker room if we want to have this new one for free, don’t we ?
    grrr (besides that, it lookes great, because Omaha is such a difficult game)

  • beethoven000999 4 years ago

    Is it the same Marty Smith who won the pot limit omaha 10k bracelet ? Wow.
    I wasn’t even aware of that. Many many congratulation, from a fan of the
    first hour. (^_^)

  • peikotus 4 years ago

    @TurtleKnife Well, I did ask this from indicator support and their official
    reply is: “As the license agreement shows on our site, one Holdem Indicator
    license is for one computer only. “A separate license must be purchased for
    each computer on which the Software is installed.” “