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  • Gripsed 4 years ago

    Here’s a video for what I here a lot from poker players “Online Poker is

  • seraphx26 4 years ago

    Lol if you think poker isn’t rigged, the sites are rigged for action check
    out magic612 on youtube, the same old arguments made to defend these sites,
    “more hands” “just variance bro” The reason most of you will continue to
    believe that it’s random and fair is for the same reason Evan listed in the
    video against it being rigged, that is, Confirmation Bias, if you had to
    admit to yourselves that it was fixed it means the end of your dream making
    a living off of it, which most of you will never actually do to begin with
    because you aren’t in on the deal, you will keep depositing your 25-50
    dollar bankrolls and losing them off to the superusers and the rigged
    dealer designed to keep most players around even in terms of winning and

  • HellloJerry 4 years ago

    Pick a good winning player, and rail them for a day. Make note of how often
    they take a bad beat, which will be a lot. And there you have it… If
    you’re a losing player, it’s not cos of bad beats. It’s because of how you
    play between the bad beats.

  • gigicaly 4 years ago

    just last night on PokerStars I made 50 bucks, than a guy came in he played
    couple of hands that I won than he went all in with a k2. 60 bucks worth. I
    had about the same I went all in to as I had a straight 10q with A j k on
    the table. when the rest of the cards turned they dropped K K giving that
    guy 4 of a kind and taking all my cash I slowly grind-ed for 2 hours or so.
    That almost never happens in reality. and if that’s not bad enough he goes
    offline immediately after. Basically came in took my cash and left without
    playing anymore hands… that’s the most fucked up hand I ever had on party
    poker. I am now 100% sure the guy was a bot generated from the server to
    get my cash and that the games are rigged very cleverly to make you win for
    a while than to make you loose it all. I can not explain other way how its
    could happen otherwise. I am however happy that I decided to only risk 30
    bucks altogether on that site to test it out. I will never put any more
    money into online gambling. At least until there’s a real legislation that
    frequently checks out on those assholes running things. I really like texas
    holdem and playing for moneys makes it even better. But knowing you play
    against fair odds ruins everything. Stay smart people, observe things, if
    you smell you’re getting fucked that’s probably because you are…

  • Ananya Aurat 4 years ago

    check my channel vedio i never see like this before in my life rigged hand

  • Pierre Alie 4 years ago

    Would actually make sense to rig it, pushes people to bet more making pots
    bigger and therefore earning more rake. To actually prove that is rigged or
    prove that it’s not, we would have to write down like 100 000 live hands
    and count the beats, then do the same with online sites, if you get twice
    the amount of beats online than you do live then it could be claimed as
    rigged. People online play multiple tables though so they see way more
    hands so they may feel like they get more bad beats. Personally I don’t
    credit anyone’s opinion, the only thing that I would trust is an actual
    scientific study that analyzes numbers about this. Your arguments make
    sense though, especially the one where you state those companies are public
    so without a study I tend to believe it’s not rigged. Being public doesn’t
    guarantee honesty but after all some people make a living from it, it’s a
    good sign that it’s trustworthy.

  • Kyle golden 4 years ago

    I see some micro players shove 35bb’s preflop all-in with AJo, lose a flip
    to a pair of 4’s, then say “This is rigged”..hah. Just follow good/strict
    money management. I say poker first, money later, leave your ego at the

  • TheDantheman12121 4 years ago

    people only remember the bad beats!!! they forget about the ones they win 

  • Ananya Aurat 4 years ago

    when ever u got poket pair in poker start i say when ever some 1 other
    player got pair also .never all in plz 

  • deekzdeekzdeekz 4 years ago

    have a look at the stats of some of the Russian players.. the ones that do
    RIDICULOUS shoves pre flop and chip up mad. Some of these fuckers
    finishing top 10% over 25% of the time, yet they are jamming with SHIT
    cards all the time and chipping up. It is extremely suspicious. 

  • Dani s 4 years ago

    Yeah random number generator tell me this is random . I have 77 flop comes
    733 the other guy has 33 LOL. They just want you to deposit more money
    thats why Online Poker is rigged and no one can tell me that its not there
    is always a Favorite player on the table the guy you just cant beat no
    matter what your cards are. 

  • John Kimble 4 years ago

    lol yeah the odds are set over set over set will happen eventually, but
    i’ve seen it happen like every 100 hands, not a massive sample size. i
    managed to sneak some 1st and second place wins at full tilt, where i hit
    everything.. all my monster pairs held, hit every flush draw, every open
    ender, and ever pocket pair hit a set.. and when someone else had a
    straight or a flush my set would pair in to a boat.. im not complaining,
    but after a couple days it was like cards were possessed and trying to get
    me to put my chips in.. my monster pairs never held, my sets when i hit
    them fell apart.. never hit any draws.. whenever i had AK or AQ and hit top
    pair, someone else had a two pair.. eventually the bankroll was gone and
    the old deposit window popped right up.. i don’t believe there is any
    reason why they wouldn’t rig it in some way.. slot machines are rigged

  • Fred Dosch 4 years ago

    Last Week I played after a long time again on Full Tilt and its the same
    bullshit like PS, on my table 1 guy get in 10 minutes KKKK two times ! Say
    what you want, the babysit fishes and generate action for more rake, the
    manipulate the games and this sucks !

  • Ananya Aurat 4 years ago

    this site paying you dude that y u say that not rigged see u r belt round
    in u r neck

  • עדי שרון 4 years ago

    video maker, ur stupid with all your psycholigcal and statistical approach,
    its simple, “why you think online poker is rigged?” – cause there is proof.
    simple as that

  • zzap999 4 years ago

    If you’re a multi million dollar cash player at a single table, then you
    should be worried that someone at Pokerstars might be peeking into your
    hole cards to take your money. If your tabling 24+ penny tables at the
    same time then I seriously doubt that Pokerstars has the man power to cheat
    the hundreds of thousand of players that are multi tabling just like you.
    The best that Pokerstars can do is have a bot go against all those tables.
    If the bot is programmed to see all the cards, then it would win at all
    your tables all the time and that would raise a big red flag.

  • chris redburn 4 years ago

    LUCK plain and simple… there’s millions of players out there, that
    read books, try every strategy they can think of, and still lose money and
    not gain…… LUCK.. nough’ said.

  • SterbendPro 4 years ago


  • Nondescript 4 years ago

    Is that a butt on your nose? Congrats on finding the perfect camera angle
    to accentuate it.

  • Bilbo Baggins 4 years ago

    I use to watch your videos and take you seriously, but the fact that you
    think that online poker isn’t rigged makes me doubt of you intelligence,
    and believing in this RNG bullcrap is even dumber. The more money in the
    pot the more money they make.. are that stupid?? pretty obvious.. and I
    have a question for: How much time will it takes to play a 2000 people
    tournament with a standard blind structure in real life poker? a few days
    for sure, how come it takes 6-7 hours in online poker?? they create hands
    to ensure there’s action in tournament and rake in ring games. Doesn’t take
    a bachelor degree to understand that principle. It was officially the last
    video that I watch from you…

  • Kyle Pereira 4 years ago

    i dont think its rigged, but it is rigged for action of course. aa vs kk vs
    qq vs jj same hand lol.

  • Tuxster3 4 years ago

    +Evan Jarvis Evan, you left out one thing concerning FullTilt. Before Black
    Friday even happened, the owners and investors — like Jesus Ferguson, like
    Howard Lederer, like Phil Ivey, like Eric Lindgren, like Ray Bitar — were
    cashing HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars in distributions!

    That money could have been used to pay the PLAYERS when Black Friday!

    Let me say it again.

    They took HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of dollars.

    So, please don’t defend the old FullTilt and those THIEVES.


  • Filip Hlupić 4 years ago

    Online poker IS rigged. I used to play and realized that if you’re new or
    you haven’t played in some time you’ll be winning for a while. Then your
    luck will run out and you’ll start losing. But you can still make money,
    just play bad cards. If you have 6,6 push it all in. If you have 10,8 be
    sure you’ll get that flush on the turn on a 7,3,j flop. If it doesn’t come
    on the turn it won’t come on the flop. Occasionally the flush or straight
    does come on the river, but don’t count on it, count on the turn. Also, if
    you flop 2 pair or a straight (a lower straight) be careful coz someone
    might end up with better if they stay in the hand. Poker becomes easier and
    funner when you play like that 😀 And one more thing, AA, KK or QQ – just
    shove all in.
    @gripsed- haha big companies. My friend open your eyes, anyone with
    billions in the bank didn’t make it fairly. And yes, I include Bill Gates
    and that Apple dude too. 

  • Karen Foster 4 years ago

    What about online collusion? How common is it at different stakes?

  • vino tinto 4 years ago

    every industry on this planet is corrupt why would online poker be any