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Some of the craziest all ins in online poker history. High stakes poker pro playing a turbo SNG sit and go wins a bunch of all ins. Full Tilt A young kid tea…


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  • Alex Beberman 5 years ago

    lol nice trolling video very funny.

  • superjuicer 5 years ago

    How much do you charge per hour for coaching? Coz I want to be coached by
    you….. Lolololo

  • Dean Walus 5 years ago

    The roids and breast milk have fried your brain.

  • Krystal Peel 5 years ago

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  • Brady Dunlap 5 years ago

    my favorite part is, “AA vs 66 is probably 60%-40%”…LMFAO…it’s like
    81%-19%..pair over pair is love it, it’s guy’s like this who
    think they’re playing good, that make me like poker.

  • shawn198484 5 years ago

    can you here this fucking guy? First hand 910c he says flush draw str8 draw
    preflop lol. Then he calls a guy a donkey for going all in Pre flop short
    stacked with AK while he plays 98 Your a fuckin idiot quit playing

  • PartyGamingPlc 5 years ago

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  • MrMeta4ical 5 years ago

    omg lol how could i think u were serious until u got to breast milk? woww i
    feel stupid lol

  • ofuhunter 5 years ago

    he is making a joke mate get a life and have a laugh

  • acejacko23 5 years ago

    i seriously dont know how he is giving good poker tips, he doesnt have a
    clue. i mean c.mon, he holds K2, flop is 4j4, so he starts saying oh this
    is mathematics, this moment u just fold !!!! coz u have nothing jeez. and
    then he goes allin and goes out of the torny. pathetic

  • noud van dijk 5 years ago

    instead of steroids I suggest you just smoke a lot of weed during poker

  • jake5370 5 years ago


  • yellow6100 5 years ago

    i have a feeling this isnt the best strat for poker,maybe one of best.

  • bflaz 5 years ago

    TY! I won 1000’s with your help, now i can afford to put my mom in a
    nursing home. God Bless!!!

  • Edgars Zelmenis 5 years ago

    @TheKeisari lmao 😀 he is just teeching others how to play wrong so he can
    won some more play money LMFAO!!!!

  • bennybody 5 years ago

    this guy is a comic genious

  • Francois-Olivier Bourgault 5 years ago

    your such a faillure, its not my video tard

  • natalie35295 5 years ago

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    definately the best – it seems alot of the players on there a newbies so u
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  • JackOfhearts771 5 years ago

    @vespaobe7796 Haha… If you want to have a heads up match my FTP name is
    tremgress4486 =D And its official Full Tilt Poker the other day announced
    on their FB fan site that new players can head to their website, then
    register a account using the code AMERICAS. Great trick to start with quick
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  • Klara Novosadova 5 years ago

    this is so funny…

  • 8nikolas8 5 years ago

    go to a mental institution***? obviously too dumb to realise it’s a fake

  • Nick Eberle 5 years ago

    Hahaha steroids for poker wtf

  • WilsonBoit 5 years ago


  • Yusof Nahrawi 5 years ago

    what a douche bag fish lmao

  • ed31338 5 years ago

    nice, didnt notice that exquisite detail first time round