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  • Colin mcGuigan 5 years ago

    Love all your videos man, thanks for making them.

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    i folded because the raise was coming from a shortstacked player and i
    didnt feel i had great implied odds. Obviously on that particular board and
    runout i could have won some money yes.

  • marianowi 5 years ago

    Re-raise me buddy !!! i ain’t going nowhere …AA :in SB vs BB 08:00

  • 7Know7Thy7Enemy7 5 years ago

    Since you use the cake poker network, what is a fast way to get your check
    for USA players?

  • Sachin Narang 5 years ago

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  • gripsed 5 years ago

    for the ranges skip to 13:37

  • gripsed 5 years ago

    yes, i’ve played a lot of 2/5 5/10 and 10/25nl live

  • phobiazzzero 5 years ago

    man what gametype u recomment on a 10 seat table the limit is 1/1 NL texas
    holdem more than 2 fishes at the table but the thing is that ive encounter
    a lot of variance,i mean they call with worse hand and they look like they
    are hitting miracles on river…i dont know what to do anymore…. whatdo u
    recommend for building a bankroll? i play in Atlantic city @ BALLY`S Thx.

  • Lucian Irescu 5 years ago

    great video made a lot of money whith those ranges

  • sam williams 5 years ago

    love the vids man 😀

  • saucesauce555 5 years ago

    Hey Gripsed… great vids keep them coming. I’d recommend tightening up a
    little bit though… you blew some of your profits in a few heroish calls,
    draws, and bluffs. Otherwise, pretty solid.

  • khari9192 5 years ago

    @siuvezg i can play poker all night, you can start with a no deposit bonus
    to reduce your risk. you dont need a credit card you can get $8 for free
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  • andrew zein 5 years ago

    why u folded suited ace on 13:00 1 table u lost cash there))

  • Adaminski95 5 years ago

    Too many people inexperienced players play results when they’re reviewing
    hands, get ’em told Gripsedy! 😉

  • Stephen Tarr 5 years ago

    sorry wrong vid talkin about tourneys but still

  • Stephen Tarr 5 years ago

    just wondering, i know you talk about avoiding 60/40’s in some of your
    videos when your chip stack is decent. But, especially when half of the
    prize pool goes to the top isn’t there some value in taking the 30bb flip
    as opposed to waiting for the 14 bb flip? I mean there are so many more
    spots to be taken with a 60bb stack

  • abauwb onemm 5 years ago

    Great video thanks a lot

  • sebastien blouin 5 years ago

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  • phobiazzzero 5 years ago

    do u have experience in live games too?