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  • coolblkid2k 5 years ago

    Cool video man.
    But, I still think you bet too much on the flop of your monster flop. You
    could’ve bet $750 first. He would’ve called that im sure. Then, you bet the
    remaining $750 again. He would’ve either folded there at the turn or even
    called you again having felt he invested so much. Either way you would’ve
    gotten at least +$750 on the deal imo.

    ….but then again, im thinking more like a cash player than a tourney
    player. Thanks for posting all of your stuff. Its interesting and helpful.

  • Pushkar Ambekar 5 years ago

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  • Philboy50 5 years ago

    yh, hes a turny player

  • fulltimespy 5 years ago

    These guys drive me crazy, they got for example a pair of 7. On the board
    is a possible flush and all overcards, and they just call you down… Cant
    bluff these fking donks .. O I got a pair I guess I should call ..

  • impendingbuttsex 5 years ago

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  • John watson 5 years ago

    damn poker savy I totally disagree ith what u said about pocket 7s pre flop
    in ealry position man…Thats a qualitty hand to me any positon as long as
    theres no crazy variables involed…and the real thing I disagree with is
    that u bet 15 hundred into that pot when u flopped that monster with queen
    jack suited…U shoulda TOTALLY checked,,,,He would bet…..other then that
    u seem very smart ,but u shoulda checked lol…

  • Gregorio Peebles 5 years ago

    wow i know u are good but raising 3bb with 23bb of stack?, is not better
    making to 2 to 2.5?

  • jaydeez2006 5 years ago

    How much do you earn a month playing poker?

  • MrHeadbanger2884 5 years ago

    @g00171227 He would not call he would re-raise all in on the flop!

  • Marc Campbell 5 years ago

    why are you giving advice…you are down money on stars

  • Sam Shackleton 5 years ago

    @fulltimespy or they realise your bluffing and their pair is good….

  • ZNT746 5 years ago

    You do realize this video was posted in 2007 right? And he sounds pretty
    American to me, meaning he can’t play online

  • pokeronlinegame 5 years ago

    @shintek20 why get no deposit bonus when you can get up to 5000 (us players
    also)? just google holdemgods

  • Dylan Tanner 5 years ago

    Your seat needs oil m8 :)

  • Wun2ThaVisionary 5 years ago

    Very informative video! The BB ratio compared to stack as well as table
    texture and adjusting your game during tourneys is really good info! Keep
    up the good work! Can you post a video for cash games?

  • fulltimespy 5 years ago

    @Sam2288 No, I learned on pokerstars you can’t bluff bad players. You know,
    the guys who bet 200 with blinds of 15, 30… preflop. Those are the
    players who got no idea what they are diong and think poker is about luck…

  • TheIllegit 5 years ago

    “Sure there is skill involved, but from playing pokerstars for a year now,
    I find that it all comes down to luck.” – the first half of your sentence
    directly contradicts the latter half. If there is skill involved, then it
    can’t ALL come down to luck. See how that works? Logic and reason 101.
    Consider yourself enlightened.

  • TopBuzzer50 5 years ago

    So many quads in pokerstars its a bit of a joke…

  • tcounelis 5 years ago

    ??? your not on that table.. I play on stars.. why cant we see your hand??
    and why did you chop off the top of the explorer?

  • johnny danger 5 years ago

    @BLOOD2298 sometimes i lose about 1200 but i make rite back

  • misasiasi 5 years ago

    all guys are fng morons. Go get a life. U are waisitng ur fng life behind
    the pc playng this shit. Fng faggots. Useless clowns. Damn this is

  • bojangles322 5 years ago

    you must have a larger sample size than a year convincingly determine a
    quality of results. but you will only have good results if you continuously
    make choices that incur positive eventual value… luck matters in short
    term only

  • wallBANGING 5 years ago

    @bigcheez20 what are you goonna do?

  • bojangles322 5 years ago

    hahahahaahah @ u… his hand is crushing an overpair

  • redicerap 5 years ago

    wow ure supernova9?? see u win a lot of tourneys when i look in the tourney