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This video will start to introduce less experienced players to some of the fundamental concepts of the game, and show poker isn’t just luck!
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  • Lucretia Dayan 5 years ago

    Sign up on Pokerstars along with utilize marketing code : psp15562 and
    obtain some sort of 100 percent extra as much as six hundred money

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    haha ! Yeh it’s hit n miss sometimes you score a tight table and can abuse
    them other times you have to tighten up a bit but can get a lot of value
    from looser opponents.

  • Abraham Fernandez 5 years ago

    men were did you find such a tight players, every time i play on poker
    starts there are a bunch of fuc… that play in every single hand.
    especially if they are russians

  • Lee Davies 5 years ago

    Great videos making my way through them all excellent advice ty

  • Lee Davies 5 years ago

    Firts hand if he was to 4 bet u have to fold right ?

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    end1dream thanks for that – There’s so many levels players can be at I try
    to keep it simple but it isn’t always easy!

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    thanks Sebhitch appreciate that !

  • end1dream 5 years ago

    I like how you dumb down key concepts. Very instructive.

  • RayZKC 5 years ago

    Great job man. FIrst i checked your earning really impressioning i’m gonna
    watch all of your videos

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    haha thanks that’s nice to hear :) I think at 50/1 to make a living you
    would have to do massive volume and add some tidy profits to accumulated
    rake bonuses. I used to play 1-2 and 2-4 many years back for a cpl of years
    and that allowed me to survive. Games are tougher now though so you’ need a
    HUD, discipline, and a solid all around game. Glad your enjoying the videos
    hope they help although as you can see they all focus on MTT’s though most
    skills translate across of course

  • sebhitch 5 years ago

    These instructional videos are great, looking forward to the pokernerve

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Subscribing is free. It will just keep you updated when I upload new videos
    etc. Welcome to youtube :) For cash games tracking software such as Poker
    Tracker or Holdem Manager are a must. Both are good. For tourneys it’s not
    as critical but of course still very very useful. Depends on your bankroll
    when it comes to moving up. But I would think if you do serious volume I
    would move up after 3 consecutive winning months or around 250K hands where
    you are showing a profit.

  • Lee Davies 5 years ago

    but in order to earn more you have to play higher I’m guessing I just don’t
    want to over step it and end up outta depth. I have a million questions but
    il leave you with that for now many thanks lol ps u make the most sense
    outta all the videos on here

  • Lee Davies 5 years ago

    Wow rapid response ty. I’m new to this you tube and only just signed up now
    what does it mean if I press submscribe to you does it cost me anything.?
    And also what software do you suggest I use I am a winning player but at
    the moment only play recreationally but am researching more and more and
    want to earn some proper money. And I knw to do this I need some sort of
    tracker / software. Also it’s an age old question but when would you say is
    best to move up levels I’m comfortable at 50/€1

  • Roger Mohan 5 years ago

    Great vids! Thanks for showing your perspective and thought process.
    Awesome insight! I have taken a break from poker since the online version
    is illegal in the states, sort of….. Getting back geared up and I notice
    that I’m hearing a lot about min raises. That appears to be the trend with
    players that are skilled/confident in their post-flop game. Is that a
    proper assumption? The math seems to warrant that it is a profitable play
    in tournament poker? Thanks in advance!

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Good question. I’ve played against that player a lot which helped. I really
    didn’t feel like he had an ace. Notice that after I call his flop raise the
    SPR – that is the stack to pot ratio, is close to 1. That means what’s left
    in my stack and what’s in the pot are almost the same. That makes it really
    hard for him to bluff since it looks like i’m likely to call so I expected
    him to shut down. If he had of bet however, depending on the sizing and the
    timing I think I planned to call at the time

  • asterisk56 5 years ago

    for that kk hand. would u fold if he bets the turn?

  • castratedcat 5 years ago

    Thanks for the video mate – learned a lot of stuff here. I’m mainly used to
    SNG taggy pre-bubble to laggy post-bubble, so this is great stuff as I want
    to get better at MTT’s.

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    More than likely yes. Unless he has some sort of crazy 4 bet stat or we
    have unique history previously which could change the line I take in the

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    SITE WILL BE POKERNERVE not acesuptournamentpoker