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Part 3 of the Series, starts off with a ‘power play’ and continues with hand analysis.
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  • Shenika Burga 5 years ago

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  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Not an easy question! depends on the stack size. Short you may have to
    commit or could have just jammed initially, medium and you may have to fold
    unless the player is wild, deep and it could represent a good opportunity
    to speculate! If you min opened and the 3b was around a standard 2.5x, you
    would usually would have wanted to start the hand with around M14+ to be
    getting close to meeting the rule of 5-10 when it comes to speculating.
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  • moviemadness 5 years ago

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  • playingfor4 5 years ago

    Is it a good play to raise utg with 88 and call a 3 bet ?

  • james b 5 years ago

    great explainations. Thanks for the videos

  • CENTURION 5 years ago

    Great tutorials !