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Part 2 of the Series. Shows the logic behind poker decision as Acesup reveals all the hands he played on his road to making a final table.
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  • Blank 5 years ago

    Thanks for the nice vid you made.

    If I may at 22:18, best possible hand is QJ of spades.

  • Tamisha Ittner 5 years ago

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  • 299312AA 5 years ago

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  • playingfor4 5 years ago

    The avarage stack is 9-13bb and the chips are worth more :) So i really
    dont know how to play them, but i would love to see you play them and turn
    profit :)

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    9-13bb? Must be getting toward the end then? Are they turbo? I think
    providing you have some knowledge of ICM/bubble – Then you could follow use
    a push/fold chart and modify it to suit the ICM dynamics… Does that make

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Hmm love to but I’m more of an MTT guy :) Those vids must be helping a lot
    though for 45 man too?

  • playingfor4 5 years ago

    Hehe 😀 Can you do something fro us pls :) Make a live session with 45 man
    sng turbo. Trying to build a big enough roll but really need to know how to
    play them :)

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Haha I like this comment playingfor4 ! I actually left that little error
    there as a test depsite discovering it at the beginning. It’s good for
    those at a hand reading beginner level to identify the possible best hands
    and naturally want to point it out

  • playingfor4 5 years ago

    Yeah, he for sure knows that. But is is not worth mentoining since the
    chances of hitting royal flush is like winning the lottery 😛

  • Brenton 'Johno' Johnson 5 years ago

    I picked that up too. and Quad aces

  • Zac Monture 5 years ago

    JQ of spades would be the best hand at 22:00, not AK…;)

  • lordhuebi 5 years ago

    very cool video btw. and very well played overall. i’ve been thinking about
    doing something like that for a while…could you tell me what recording
    software you use?

  • Kinch Kinski 5 years ago

    At 22:29 I’d take JQ of spades over big slick any day! :-)

  • paulos papatsilekas 5 years ago

    In the particular case in 8 minutes with 10 9 would do all in even if it
    had the j-5 , 2-7 BC ?????

  • Tuco Salamanca 5 years ago

    Thanks for making this video

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    In that spot, given the number of players behind, no, decent hands, <25% of

  • Deepz Love 5 years ago

    22:20 NO; theres a royal flush possible LIAR!!! 3rd best hand!!!

  • DAdZor 5 years ago

    If he were to play his average microstakes fish he would’ve gotten called
    with any hand by multiple people … you just can’t win those but playing
    tournaments with rational people it actually improves your chances if
    you’re a good player.

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    yep use Camtasia. Bit buggy but overall works well. thanks for the feedback
    glad you liked the vid

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    yes very solid players in this tournament! thanks for the feedback and good
    luck on the felt!

  • KingXIV2 5 years ago

    I don’t think shoving 9 10 in that position is good,

  • Slavo Nowak 5 years ago

    Love your videos. That hand at around 23:00 after he called the turn I
    thought he had 99. Was proud of myself :) Learning so much much from these.

  • Edgars Ziedins 5 years ago

    best possible hand at 22:33 would royal flash

  • Lusopho F 5 years ago

    Would love to see your vpip and other stats, is your vpip fairly high? it
    looks like it could possibly be nearly 30?

  • tmvogter 5 years ago

    not in this situation..