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The Final Table. discusses position, stealing blinds and re-stealing, stack size, types of players, slow playing, note taking and using information at the ta…

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  • Martin Jantson 5 years ago

    great vid, man!!! subscribed

  • ziga112 5 years ago

    How much did you made playing poker and how long did it took you to start

  • fcu4life100 5 years ago

    do you not use a hud mate?

  • Blcksun19 5 years ago

    nice vids man you need to come back and upload again bro!! and your best
    quote is : we have a nice kikaah! lol

  • sküll düggery 5 years ago

    hero sounds a little like johnny lydon on occassion…we’re so prettaahhy,
    oh so prettaahhy vaaacaaantah!!

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Can’t really recall so I’m guessing it wasn’t big – a few grand maybe?…
    POKERNERVE coming soon

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    thanks for watching!

  • Amandip T 5 years ago

    Your tips are very ysefull, im a beginner in tournament poker. After
    watching this i won my first tournament, and got £50. And been reaching
    final table often. Amazing videos, ive subscribed

  • Michael MiSh Novik 5 years ago

    The repush on minute 11:40 with the QJo looks very bad IMO..Only better
    hands are calling us.. Although is very difficult to find a good line to
    play this against an aggressive villain. What about calling the flop and
    reevaluate on the turn?

  • slvo85 5 years ago

    thanks for sharing!!

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Thanks yayaya glad you like them, all the best at the tables, keep winning!

  • pierre1122 5 years ago

    Sir, you are a genius of poker !!! Thanks for the video.

  • Steve Campbell 5 years ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed your videos. I’ve seen quite a few now. You have a great
    manner and a much more aggro approach than myself. I tend to ‘believe’ the
    opponents hit when he bets etc. In very low buy-ins T’s with less level 2/3
    thinking, how do you think the strategy should be changed?

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    haha thanks guys glad you enjoyed them! Definitely more stuff coming soon!!
    Really appreciate the feedback :)

  • Johnakalazyj 5 years ago

    15:00 double belly buster

  • sportsflash1 5 years ago

    great videos. thanks for posting.

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Just play as exploitively as possible. I had QQ yesterday on a 874 board
    and made larger than normal size bets and got called down 3 streets by k8.
    Even when i over jammed river (board ran out 87432) he quickly called – at
    the 1st level he’s just thinking I have top pair good kicker so i’m not
    folding. Situations like that arise all the time in low stakes. Starts
    preflop – Always think about your raise sizing, and of course bet sizing
    post flop. Value bet as much as possible…

  • Unflushablepiss 5 years ago

    well played man, awesome to watch. please keep the videos coming.

  • neocalaber 5 years ago

    Been searching through youtube for a while now, on poker tips and advanced
    teaching to improve my game and such. However i found your post-game talks
    randomly, I have thoroughly enjoyed each one up to now and thought i would
    actually take time to write this comment to commend you on what you do and
    please keep it up!!

  • Afonso Merino 5 years ago

    great toturial!!!1 keep up man