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Ideal for Beginner to Intermediate level players looking to improve, goes over hand history from a tournament giving examples of concepts such as position, s…

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  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Thanks Christian wow really appreciate that. Yep check it out – We are just
    updating it actually so it will be much smoother in the coming weeks. And
    lots more content coming. Good luck out there!

  • cristian stef 5 years ago

    great great videos,high quality and mind blowing information..ive watched a
    lot of videos over the past years but the way ure thinking and able to
    explain every particular hand is unbeliveble…deff cant wait to join sure its a hell of a deal!gratz!

  • WaspSnG 5 years ago

    Fair enough, thanks mate.

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    cheers Birdy! Will you be playing some events? Don’t think I can though…
    schedule at the moment is APPT Korea, then WSOP.

  • 42JDD 5 years ago

    I am glad i found your channel it is very usefull and i like u do not use a
    Hud becaus i dont have a hud either

  • xgam3r 5 years ago

    Awesome Video! Awesome explanations! Very Helpful Thx!

  • end1dream 5 years ago

    29:10 epic, simply epic. Well played!

  • castratedcat 5 years ago

    Thanks so much for these – I’m currently crushing Pokerstars 0.25c 90/45man
    SNG’s and looking to venture into new exciting territories very soon. Will
    likely need a bit more ammunition going into these, so finding these
    uploads super handy :). Thanks for the time you put into these.

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    I think the main reason was the better structure – The tourneys were mostly
    rebuys. So the stacks were always deeper and there were no turbos. In fact,
    it’s the same at iPoker – They have 2 x 30 rebuys daily and a couple of
    other decent tourneys – I play there as theBigBuutsyGM and you’ll find
    similar stats to what I had at Cereus. (which was Absolute Poker and
    Ultimate Bet btw). Deeper stacks just allow for the skill edge to be more
    prevalent. There’s less shoving and more postflop maneuvering

  • thebirdman 5 years ago

    Very very informative. If you are playing the ANZPT in Perth this year
    wouldn’t mind railing you.

  • Cody Wagner 5 years ago

    Hi PokerNerve, I’m really enjoying these videos. However I’m confused about
    something. When you calculate your opponents equity of his A3dd against JJ,
    I understand how you calculated that he has 11 outs (8 diamonds and 3 aces)
    and that equals about 44%. I don’t understand why you subtract 3 to give
    41% though, could you explain?

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    ty end1dream glad you are enjoying the vids :)

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Glad you like them 42JDD. I don’t use a HUD in the replays no. But
    sometimes I do use one when I play lately. In cash games I think it’s
    essential (except for HU perhaps). But it’s not essential in MTTs…. I
    made over 100K+ profit on pokerstars alone each year 2010 and 2011 and
    never opened a HUD for a tourney once, so it can be done… However I do
    have some vids on the benefits of a HUD as part of the website (opening

  • PokerNerve 5 years ago

    Thanks appreciate that. Yes sure do, I think you will find my coaching
    would be ideal for beating $10-$50 MTTs. Can’t type e-mail in youtube
    comments but it’s acesup then the ‘at symbol’ pokernerveDOTcom Let me know
    a brief synopsis of your play til now. What you have been playing, what you
    think your weak points and strong points are. And what you’d like to get
    out of the lessons and any specific topics you’d like to cover and we can
    go from there 😉

  • durrrr1990 5 years ago

    First: Nice videos :) Second: Do you offer some pokercoaching for 10$-50$
    MTT’s? I’d really would like to be coached by you ^^ As i saw your videos,
    with the very interesting analyzes and explanations, i’ve noticed that i
    have some really big gaps in my tournament play ^^

  • thebirdman 5 years ago

    Currently trying a few satellites. $5k entry is a little outside my

  • WaspSnG 5 years ago

    Just sharkscoped HU villain. He has an 71.9% ROI with a average stake of
    €92.18 over a 1215 sample (€75K profit). This is on the Cereus network.
    Just sick, sick stats imo. Why do you think that both you and him do so
    well on this network? Is the level of play a lot worse on the higher
    buy-ins compared to bigger networks like FTP and Stars?