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  • wen yoo 5 years ago

    toms soul was crushed here:P

  • wen yoo 5 years ago

    lol if your tom dwan and that guy shows the bluf in that spot thats gotta

  • TheGizmoskate 5 years ago

    bluff with the best hand and lose. Lol

  • Jivan Scarano 5 years ago

    He had a good read, and outplayed him. That’s poker.

  • JasonV12 5 years ago

    You don’t get it lmao

  • Paul Curry 5 years ago

    Isaac Haxton. Great player, horrific voice.

  • Best Vines 5 years ago

    He owned his soul

  • UndercoverLdn 5 years ago

    Yes, poker is a card game.

  • PaskaRichard 5 years ago

    om freakin god. this is just insanity. poor dwan his opponent is a pure donk

  • xTruncz 5 years ago

    james perry sounds gay as fuck faggot noob go suck a dick or something wtf
    bitch gtfo try hard epic fail go fuck your mum fagget nazi jew dick

  • gavinasaurus . 5 years ago

    do you understand anything about the game? he’s actually right its a dumb
    play. he was lucky tom didn’t have any pair because he would have instant
    called. his all in was so small in relation to the pot that he would be
    called by any pair and he can only beat a bluff. so yes 99% of the time
    he’s beat and 99% of the time he would be getting called. fortunate for him
    it was the 1% of the time he couldn’t be called.

  • Special S 5 years ago

    wp, outplay tom dwan, wp

  • chris dougall 5 years ago

    Yea I know what you mean but I really dont know if Marcello would do this
    move if he didnt know where he was. Ill admit, im not an expert on the guy,
    I really havent seen much of him. but if he was shoving just to turn his
    hand into a stone cold buff whilst trying to get Durrr to fold a small pair
    here then its a terrible terrible move! like its ridiculous how bad that
    is. Him saying at the end, he had decided to do the move before the river
    suggests the later option! weird hand all in all

  • wen yoo 5 years ago

    toms reaction is priceless he never expected to have the best hand

  • jooman68 5 years ago

    Marcello is a lucky donkey. dumbest move I’ve ever seen work out.

  • MCFoultier 5 years ago

    lol, this italian gentleman is the sickest gambler i have seen 😉

  • marcellothefellow 5 years ago

    nice try

  • rui sousa 5 years ago

    is this even a game????

  • Sergio Candanedo Pomeda 5 years ago

    Marcello said that he had a plan, but what if Durrr shoves the river, I
    mean… I don´t know, I´m not buying this like a brilliant move

  • Indignation92 5 years ago

    the hate

  • sutro19 5 years ago


  • Sergio Candanedo Pomeda 5 years ago

    But I really don´t believe Marcello is putting Dwan on “KQ”, I think he is
    just going crazy and is convincing himself Durrr doesn´t have anything,
    Marcello can justify his play saying whatever he wants, the truth is that
    in a long term he´ll be losing huge amounts of money, besides that Marcello
    took 22K from Dwan on this Full Tilt Poker Durrrr Million Dollar Challenge,
    I would like them to play 3 more rounds and see what happen

  • chris dougall 5 years ago

    comments here are a bit over the top but right. The price Tom was getting
    to make the call was superb yet he had no way to make the call. Like
    macello said, even if it was for 20,000 he couldnt really make the call.
    Theres not many times a player is going to be bluffing in that spot! It was
    a great play by marcello if he really knew what he was doing. I, though,
    would liked to have seen that play on the turn rather than the river!

  • sutro19 5 years ago

    What a fucking donk, 99% of the time he’s beat there. Stupidest all in of
    all times.

  • James Perry 5 years ago

    fucking commenter sounds congested as fuck like a midget or somthing get a
    new job ur voice sucks donkey di ck