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Outstanding Poker - Free Full Length Poker Training Video on Intermediate Micro-stakes Play

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Jordan-Jon Willett 4 years ago

    Lol! Hash tag #Nit If you check, usually you should call, If you get
    raised, usually you should call. 

  • Tommy Dinocento 4 years ago

    Why did you fold pocket 9s on the button???? 

  • Sound For Free Mindz 4 years ago

    very nice video

  • Adam Ayala 4 years ago

    what the fuck did you fold J8 for if you’re going to flop a straight wow
    idiot lol jk

  • AAffinity 4 years ago

    You are talking and not giving a live example of how to win. You should
    stop making 40 minutes vids 

  • Ivan Rogachyov 4 years ago

    Man u r pretty bad in this time I would make 150, u made too many mistakes

  • Vicehood dotcom 4 years ago

    Nice Video! We posted this on our poker forum. Hope you don’t mind. Thank

  • DeadlyNinja1702 4 years ago

    King Jack-off suit? Where can I get one? 

  • tjv323 4 years ago

    You were folding after having put money in the pot, but then you went right
    back to 50 bucks in hand. Why is that?

  • Chive Chan 4 years ago

    @max Larsen. He folded 7, Q off. Pre flop. 

  • ari gold 4 years ago

    how do you fold 9s pre flop? lmao idiot

  • Kid Gaucho 4 years ago

    This video is seriously bad ass. I like the Tight Aggressive play style he
    has going on here. Works very well in these low limit games. I like the KJo
    fold and i didn’t mind the pocket 99 fold preflop either one bit. It
    definitely looks like an awkward fold there at first for sure but avoiding
    a potentially big mistake there is what it’s all about. Your chances of
    flopping a set there are about 1 out of 8 times…now granted if you hit
    the set your probably golden, but that still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll
    stack off your opponent. I really would like to see more players in the pot
    if you’re going to call. I did consider that he was in position and
    probably could have called to maybe flop huge there, but I think folding in
    that spot was the better option. It’s tight and its sticking to the plan.
    Avoiding later (potentially) costly mistakes (that’s just my opinion).
    Anyway, Great video really diggin it keep’em coming. Super good stuff

  • Son Kim 4 years ago

    very nice video to explain certain situations like folding 99 in pos, etc.
    thx for your thoughts and strategies.

  • Dav Mori 4 years ago


  • rogerfederer9999 4 years ago

    outstanding video mate

  • Fantasm Real 4 years ago

    34:48, folded a set of Q.

  • marchesantwins 4 years ago

    great video, fucken haters dont appreciate it. Stop criticizing if you dont
    know poker. 99 is only good if u hit the flop which is a very slim chance.
    you dont wanna isolate because if you do and you miss the flop you wont
    extract value and will most likely fold. If you isolate and you hit the 9
    and there is an over card, your opponent might bet. However a multi-way pot
    is obviously best.

  • Numeronx 4 years ago

    If people are calling like crazy kj kq goes way up in value, for exampel…

  • Kasper Birk 4 years ago

    I got to be honest, that checkraise with AJ was awful. 1. Your making him
    fold hands like 33-1010, AQ, AK…. hands we can get more money from.. your
    concerned about him having 3-bet KQ.. which players at this level normally
    don’t do. Even if he has KQ, he has 6 outs cirka 11% to hit the turn 2.
    Your checkraise size is to big, because your commiting your stack with that
    size. Which means you have taken away the possibility off him showing over
    you with air, because he knows you have to call!

  • dustball3010 4 years ago

    wow god damn it, you’re talking so fucking fast and ermm.. ahh.. ehh.. s..
    good player but slow the fuck down man

  • Sam Fielding 4 years ago

    stop watching*

  • thc024 4 years ago

    so what do u think now taht the info has come out that many of the games
    where rigged? the guy is getting 10yrs lol whata fuckin douche

  • Outstanding Poker 4 years ago

    this video is a few years old from back when 3x’ing the button was
    standard. You’re right – I would advocate 2x’ing these days.

  • Fitim Emini 4 years ago

    yus! i have no doubt that is one of the best ive seen i cant wait to see

  • PhishSmok3r 4 years ago

    J8s fold was bad pre from SB, 99 fold was bad w full implied and your logic
    on opening ranges is nitty from UTG and spewy from LP, this is 6-max cash