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Basic Introduction to Party Poker by Laser Get even more Party Poker Rewards at
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  • Quinn Sivage 4 years ago

    correct, if you wan to sign up message me and I’ll get you great additional

  • gary rando 4 years ago

    so 20,000 for 1500 cash right there or buy the 3000 bonus then you get the
    3000 after you get another 5000 points?

  • gary rando 4 years ago

    @coxquinn can you explain for instance say you save up your points and you
    got 20,000 and where a palladium, you can trade it in for 1500 cash or 3000
    poker bonus, WHATS THE DIFFERENCE between those to i dont get it :/

  • Quinn Sivage 4 years ago

    the poker bonus you have earn another 5,000 points in order to clear it and
    turn the bonus money into cash