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PCA 10 Poker 2013 - 0k Super High Roller Poker, Episode 2 | PokerStars It’s Day 2 at PCA 2013 live poker tournament and the prizepool is set at a cool .7m, with over m going to the winner. Who will win …

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  • Oskar Cajus 4 years ago

    Joe Stableton should really not be commentating any of these tournaments,
    its freaking horrible.

  • Spencer Maze 4 years ago

    All these high roller tourney’s are are a bunch of rich guys who just keep
    playing each other over and over again…

  • AngryMetalGamer 4 years ago

    Always fancied myself as a poker player, but god damn these guys are good

  • goodfan210 4 years ago

    Really tired of “loden stinks”.

  • Tulo00 4 years ago

    6:52 wtf is this call? this is possibly the easiest fold he could do, why
    was he thinking Antonio didnt have a flush?

  • vintz64 4 years ago

    Elky “le chatard” grospelier a encore frappé

  • Kenneth Tham 4 years ago

    whos the brunette at 43min? 

  • Leo Visuthiranon 4 years ago

    why is it that sometime the cards of the players are not shown to us (the
    viewers) as well as the commentators?

  • pmoneygf 4 years ago

    fabian quoss is one good lookin man!

  • crazytexas777 4 years ago

    Bad beat for Dee Snider! Shouldn’t have cut his hair! 

  • TheFrankonia83 4 years ago


  • Noah Khani 4 years ago

    That guy Vanessa is good. He is really tough…

  • Bao Anh Nguyen Tran 4 years ago

    Some great poker playing there. Wish I could make money that easily…

  • zzFOXDIEzz 4 years ago

    O’dwyer is a buzz kill to Lodden thinks

  • mike robo the pikachu fan 4 years ago

    will poker stars brand change with amaya joint venture ???

  • David Cavallo 4 years ago

    kill the commentator, such an arrogant prick. How much he won in poker that
    he is in position to insult the best when they lose? pathetic clown

  • Ben Thomas 4 years ago

    “russia vs ukraine not going there”

  • Bič Boží 4 years ago

    Correct! Out wiedersehen… :)))

  • Eric from TX 4 years ago

    What a BRILLIANT tournament.

  • Haxxxal 4 years ago

    Just watched the entirety of this episode, that was some intense playing.
    I’m gonna go play poker on my own now. :(

  • Paul Coan 4 years ago

    Wow, fantastic to see this kind of footage! There is some real card-talent
    there! Tom didnt see that he was going to get a bad hand, I would have

  • Manmohan Desai 4 years ago

    Watch this video to know more about PCA 10 Poker 2013 – $100k Super High
    Roller Poker, Episode 2. We bring you the world’s best poker news for you.
    Stay tuned for more updates!
    PCA 10 Poker 2013 – $100k Super High Roller Poker, Episode 2 | PokerStars

  • franco bagazette 4 years ago
  • Moriah Rhodes 4 years ago

    Just watched it all. Magnificent work. Great tournament.

  • Oliver Fletcher 4 years ago

    Respect for this episode!!!! Need more!!